Hans-Peter Wilfer Passes Reins of Warwick to Son

Hans-Peter Wilfer Passes Reins of Warwick to Son

Hans-Peter Wilfer, founder of Warwick and father of Nicolas Wilfer, has handed over the company to his son Nicolas Wilfer as sole owner in 2021.

Since 1982, Hans-Peter Wilfer has personally been involved in the design of all Warwick instruments along with managing manufacturing and has always signed each of the Warwick Signature models every year.

From January 2024, Hans-Peter Wilfer has passed the reins over to Nicolas Wilfer.

This handover marks a significant step for Warwick and ushers in a new era. Hans-Peter Wilfer continues his vision for the company and secures the future of Warwick by handing over to Nicolas Wilfer.

“Managing manufacturing and personally signing the Warwick Signature instruments has always been important to me. The handover to my son Nicolas is an important step to ensure that this tradition continues,” said Hans-Peter Wilfer. “Nicolas has already proven that he respects the Warwick heritage, and I am confident that he will lead the company successfully into the future.”

 Nicolas Wilfer has also expressed his thoughts on this progress, stating, “I am deeply honored to uphold my father’s esteemed legacy. I eagerly anticipate the creation of all Warwick instruments, with a particular focus on designing and signing the Warwick Signature instruments, as I continue to honor my father’s enduring legacy.”

The handing over of the management of manufacturing and signature of Warwick Signature instruments to Nicolas Wilfer marks a milestone in the company’s history and underlines Warwick’s commitment to quality and continuity.

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About Warwick

Founded on the 13.09.1982, Warwick is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality Bass Guitars and Bass amplifiers. The company is known for its craftsmanship, innovative designs and high-quality materials.  Based in Germany, Warwick is internationally renowned for its first-class instruments.

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