Joyo offers Bluetooth amp opportunity

Joyo offers Bluetooth amp opportunity

Shenzhen, China based Joyo Audio has introduced a new amp, the OP-GT for bedroom guitar players. Featured with Bluetooth 4.0, aux in and built-in effects, this amp can flexibly switch between desktop speaker and portable guitar amp.

Joyo says the TOP-GT is ideal for practising guitar and can also be used as an ordinary Bluetooth speaker. As a guitar amp, it features VOICE, DRIVE and TONE controls. Users can LINK the Top-GT with a mobile device to use any guitar app to use its effects or amp simulators and play them through the Top-GT.

The Top-GT can also be used as a speaker, stream music with Bluetooth 4.0 or be used via the AUX IN connector. In addition to using the built in speakers, users can also connect headphones for silent practice. The US retail price will be $109,

Joyo has distributors for its range of , effects and other audio products around the world but does not yet appear to have representation in the UK.


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