Korg debuts at Summer NAMM

Korg debuts at Summer NAMM

Summer NAMM opens today in Nashville, Tennessee and Korg will be featuring several new products at the show, including the new CM-300 contact microphone for clip-type tuners.

The CM-300 is a clip-type contact microphone that attaches directly to an instrument. It uses a piezo element that sends the instrument’s vibrations directly to a tuner. Even in an environment suffering from high ambient sound, such as a large ensemble, this mic allows high-precision tuning, Korg says, adding: ‘The shape of the cable’s strain relief where it joins the unit has been modified for increased durability in comparison to the previous model, and sound transmission performance has been further improved’.

Available in three attractive colours variants, the UK SSP will be £10.

Pitchclip 2m

Still on the tuning theme, also new is the Pitchclip 2m an all-new clip-on tuner with a compact body and simple operation allows users to tune quickly and easily. Korg says the Pitchclip 2 is designed from the player’s point of view and features high tuning precision with excellent visibility, an enhanced clip for even better holding power, and a reverse display function that will be appreciated by left-handed users.

Korg adds: ‘While carrying on the compact body of the original Pitchclip, the Pitchclip 2 takes its evolution further. The display is even thinner, and the design is now simple and stylish. Thanks to the enlarged screen, visibility is even better in spite of the unit’s compact size. Since the display can be adjusted through a 120-degree angle, the player can tune while viewing the screen at the most natural position with optimal visibility’.

In addition to several significant physical improvements, including a reverse function, which vertically inverts the meter display making it useful for rear-facing applications and left handed players, Korg adds: ‘The Pitchclip 2 boasts major improvements to its clip mechanism. Numerous trials in every detail have resulted in a 140% improvement in holding power compared with the previous model, ensuring that the attached tuner will not fall off and provide a secure connection for accurate tuning. The entire clip is now rubberised to protect your instrument. From a ukulele to an electric guitar, this tuner can be used with any instrument’.

The UK price will be SSP £13.00.


Finally, Korg is showing the SEQUENZ CB–4VOLCA a semi-hard case for up to 4 volcas. Made of EVA (high-density polyethylene resin), the interior features four volca sized padded spaces to securely store up to four volcas and enough extra space to carry all the necessary AC adapters and cables.

No UK price yet but it will be available in the UK in September.

Info: www.korg.com

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