Lava Series ME3 38 ‘Smart Guitar’ now available from Selfridges

Lava Series ME3 38 ‘Smart Guitar’ now available from Selfridges

Working in co-operation between LAVA Music and the Smartech Selfridges team, this truly unique and innovative LAVA ME 38 electro-acoustic Smart Guitar, is now available from the UK capital’s premier department store, taking pride of place in this leading retailer’s Smartech section – the ‘ultimate destination for innovation’.

Since their recent launch, the LAVA Series of electro acoustic Smart Guitars have re-invented the whole concept of learning, practicing, recording and performing with a guitar.

Loaded with the companies HILAVA Operating System that supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and auto-syncs projects to the lavaCloud, the LAVA ME 38 incorporates  a host of invaluable guitar apps combining dozens of advanced algorithms, allowing the player the opportunity to commute, record and perform with an enormous selection of atmospheric on-board effects, without the need for additional hardware or weighty pedalboards.

Powered by LAVA FreeBoost 2.0 technology, these feature-laden instruments which includes the very popular LAVA ME 38, have received critical acclaim within the music industry and musicians around the world as a creative tool, a complete songwriters inspiration and an unrivalled, invaluable instrument for professional players in the studio and in a live stage environment.

Dozens of built-in, powerful, interactive effects identifiable onscreen with animated cover art, can be preset, stored and played back via the internal on-board speaker or fed direct to amplifiers or recording desks via a conventional guitar lead or LAVA’s modernistic ‘Ideal Lead’.

The LAVA ME 38 includes a comprehensive selection of highly innovative sounds, all operable via the built-in, pin sharp 3½-inch (8.89cm) multi-touch screen, these include a wide selection of atmospheric effects including Reverb, Echo, Flanger, Chorus, Delay, Octave and Auto-wah, all of which can be customised down to the finest details via sensitive parameters.

Creativity abounds, with the LAVA ME 38’s comprehensive selection of over 100 accompanying percussion groove tracks and on-board recording facilities where players can record, overdub and share music with other LAVA owners within the LAVA Plus community via the internet.

Charging is via the matching space-age designed docking station (sold separately) with status LEDs, which itself, elevates the aesthetics and artistry of the LAVA ME 38 and doubles as a sturdy classy guitar stand for this stunning looking electro-acoustic guitar.

Smart technology aside, as a stand-alone guitar, despite its lightweight immensely strong carbon fibre composite construction, the natural sonic delivery has a generous, beautifully warm and mellow woody resonance, with the internal Air Sonic Honeycomb Structure delivering 20% more bass, with a full mid-range response and crystal clear highs.

Looking gorgeous with a sumptuous futuristic soft-line body profile and a beautiful eye-catching all-over, satin matt Space Grey finish and a super smooth fingerboard, like all LAVA models, the ME 38 is a delight to perform with.

Little did Harry Gordon Selfridge Sr., (also known as the ‘Earl of Oxford Street’) know when he opened the London-based Selfridges flagship department store at 400 Oxford Street, London in 1909, that in the 21st Century a guitar would be the centre of attention, not a grand old 18th Century parlour guitar, but a LAVA electro-acoustic guitar, a world leader in Smart Guitar technology

LAVA Smart Guitars are exclusively distributed in the UK & Ireland by JHS.

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