Lunastone goes digital for NAMM

Lunastone goes digital for NAMM

Lunastone is to show its first-ever digital pedal, the Dynamic Delay, at Winter NAMM this week.

To date, the Danish effects pedal company has been known for its resolutely analogue, tube-like overdrive and boost circuits, but the new product has seen Lunastone founder, Steen Grøntved join forces with fellow Danish FX legend, Morten Lave, who spent more than two decades with TC Electronic and TC Applied Technologies, developing digital signal processing tools and digital integration with hardware.

Lunastone says the aim for the new Dynamic Delay was not to reinvent delay processing, but to create a delay pedal that sounds musical and offers a tone with great definition. ‘Like many fellow guitarists, I had a TC-2290 in my live guitar rig back in the day,’ says Steen Grøntved. ‘It was a bit large and noisy, at least in my rig, but it certainly had ‘something’ that I have had a hard time trying to replace, even in modern creations.

‘Somehow, it just sounded musical, but I can’t really put my finger on exactly what it is. It’s probably the reason for why I have leaned towards analog delays for the past years, despite their obvious limitations. To create a digital delay that captures some of the analog magic has indeed been an idea that I have been kicking around for some time, and when Morten joined us, working on making that dream come true was a no-brainer.

‘I’m no stranger to digital electronics, but Morten has a lot more experience in that field, and I couldn’t imagine any digital wizard better suited for the task than Morten for making this project happen.

‘In short, it’s a one-button-controlled compressor on the delay side, so when you play very actively, the delay level is kept down, and when you play softer or stop, the tail of the delay rises to the surface. The attack, release, depth and threshold parameters have been delicately fine tuned and merged into a one-button-control, which lets you spend your mental strength on playing the guitar!’

No UK price has been revealed but the US and EU prices are $249 MSRP / €249 (List ex VAT)


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