Lunastone Pedals launches Three Stage Rocket MIDI

Lunastone Pedals launches Three Stage Rocket MIDI

Danish effects maker Lunastone has announced a ‘significant upgrade’ to its Three Stage Rocket pedal with the addition of MIDI functionality. The new version will be be known as the Three Stage Rocket MIDI.

Lunastone says its original Three Stage Rocket was developed in cooperation with guitarist Søren Andersen and offers two stages of overdrive, as well as a built-in booster that can be routed to either pre-drive or post-drive. While Anderson loved the sound of this pedal and immediately integrated into his touring rigs, he also found that having the option to control the settings via MIDI would be a huge benefit. In response, Lunastone founder and Head Engineer, Steen Grøntved, created a custom version that was MIDI-compatible for the guitarist to take on the road.

Lunastone adds that the demand for an all analogue (true) overdrive pedal for guitarists using all-digital setups was taken into consideration.

‘I am very pleased that we now introduce what is really a deluxe version of the original Three Stage Rocket,’ says Steen Grøntved. ‘The Three Stage Rocket was an instant hit among players who had a need for two types of overdrive, as well as a booster, which they could now have in a single pedal. And it does offer more flexibility than our smaller overdrive pedals, but now with the addition of MIDI control, this level of flexibility has been increased even more.’

The original Three Stage Rocket will remain available to the guitarists who do not require MIDI functionality.

No UK price was quoted but the new model will sell for US$ and EU 399.


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