Lunastone’s NAMM pedals now shipping

Lunastone’s NAMM pedals now shipping

Lunastone, the Danish guitar pedal company that specialises in tube-like ‘true’ overdrive is now shipping the four new four new pedals previewed at NAMM 2018. These pedals expand the range and flavours of Lunastone dirt pedals, covering Fuzz and Distortion, as well as two more subtle Overdrives.

The new models comprise:

Red Fuzz 1: ‘This hot-tempered baby is a screaming Hendrix-style Fuzz pedal, but with a sizzling almost synthesizer-like tone to it as well,’ Lunastone says.

Distortion 1: ‘This is a dedicated hard rock style pedal resembling the classic tone of iconic shredders such as Eddie van Halen’.

Blue Drive 1: ‘Delicious and crunchy tone that is more focused on the meticulous details of the slightly gained range than simply adding maximum amounts of gain’.

Smooth Drive 1:’ This is one silky and smooth drive pedal that offers just a little edge. But make no mistake. A little edge this tasteful can go a very long way and will often make all of the difference!’


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