Maybach Guitars Partners with new UK Distribution Company AMW Distribution

Maybach Guitars Partners with new UK Distribution Company AMW Distribution

Maybach Guitars have officially announced it has appointed AMW Distribution as its exclusive distributor for the UK & Ireland market.

AMW Distribution is a new company with roots in Switzerland. Its parent company is the recently established private equity firm AMW Aurora Music Works AG of Interlaken which has recently acquired Cream T Custom Shop Ltd, makers of high quality guitars and pickups and Guitar-X, custodian of the innovative pickup swapping system originally invented by Relish Guitars – also of Switzerland.

Maybach Guitars selected AMW Distribution based on the company’s plans to focus on quality guitar brands, limiting its portfolio to ensure the highest quality of service. This partnership will enable Maybach Guitars to establish a solid dealer base in the UK & Ireland.

“The UK and Ireland is such an important market. We receive many enquiries from customers every week, and we really wanted to get it right with a distribution partner. I couldn’t be more excited to have the support of AMW. This new team is passionate, professional, and has a real vision on how to  service the market in the best ways possible. We’re honoured to be in such good company.” – Toni Goetz, Founder Maybach Guitars.

AMW will also distribute its own Cream T Guitars and Pickups, with other brands to be announced in the coming weeks.

Tim Lobley, Founding Partner of AMW Aurora Music Works AG said: “We had thought long and hard about the distribution of our own products in the UK and decided that we would be best served setting up our own sales force. A natural extension of that was then to partner with like-minded companies. I have known Toni of Maybach for a number of years and regard him as one of the really good guys in the industry. I was aware he was looking for a new start in the UK, so it was just a natural fit. Maybach are great guitars and I am sure they will be well received across the UK and Ireland.”

Maybach Guitars boast a 15 year history of making the highest quality guitars in Europe. With an expanding range, focusing on both innovative new models as well as heritage designs they have now become a staple brand for many shops. 

All enquiries for Maybach Guitars or Cream T Custom Shop Pickups and Guitars should be sent to:

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