NAMM 2019: Taylor to debut new model size + V-Class Grand Concert

NAMM 2019: Taylor to debut new model size + V-Class Grand Concert

Taylor is launching a completely new acoustic guitar style today, on the opening of Winter NAMM 2019 in Anaheim, California. Called The Grand Pacific, the guitar will be Taylor’s first round shouldered Dreadnought, and promises not just a new shape but a new sound, the maker says. Also new will be the rolling out of Taylor’s V-Class bracing to the popular small bodied Grand Concert series.

The Grand Pacific also shares Taylor’s V-Class bracing and the guitar maker says the round-shoulder Dreadnought: ‘adds a dramatically different tonal personality’ to the Taylor line. The new body shape will be available in three new models: the Builder’s Edition 517, Builder’s Edition 717 and 317.

Taylor says its much vaunted V-Class bracing: ‘eliminates the problematic low-end woofiness often associated with dreadnoughts. With the Grand Pacific, players will experience clear power in the low end, which means a more musical, usable tone’. The manufacturer says it thinks the new model will appeal to wider cross section of buyers that the typical Dreadnought, including singer songwriters and even fingerstyle players as well as the more usual Bluegrass influenced Dreadnought fans.

The Grand Pacific launches with two ‘Builder’s Edition’ models made from the classic tonewoods rosewood and mahogany, each paired with a torrefied Sitka spruce top, as well as a 300 Series model made from sapele and Sitka spruce. The new shape will be offered exclusively as a non-cutaway.

Meanwhile, Taylor’s V-Class bracing is now added to the company’s popular 300, 500 and 800/800 Deluxe Series Grand Concert guitars, with a number of different wood pairings to choose from, including both 12-fret and 14-fret editions as well as cutaway and non-cutaway models.

Taylor says that while the 14-fret and 12-fret options each offers its own unique feel and sound (due to different neck lengths and bridge positions), the V-Class architecture: ‘…creates an even more dramatic sonic differentiation between the two.

‘The 14-fret produces a vibrant sound with pleasing chime and articulation that will appeal to fingerstyle players, while the 12-fret adds warmth and sweetness. Together with the different wood pairing options, the result is an impressive breadth of V-Class Grand Concert musical flavors for players to explore’.


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