NAMM Show to feature OK Go, Yamaha All-Star Concert on the Grand 2018 and Andy Grammer

NAMM Show to feature OK Go, Yamaha All-Star Concert on the Grand 2018 and Andy Grammer

The 2018 NAMM Show is only 22 days away and the organisers have just announced the Bands@NAMM performers scheduled for The NAMM Yamaha Grand Plaza Stage.

On Thursday, The NAMM Foundation Celebration of Music Education will feature a performance from indie/pop rockers, OK Go.

NAMM says: ‘Members Damian Kulash (vocals/video director), Tim Nordwind (bass), Dan Konopa (percussion) and Andy Ross (guitar), have built a unique career at the intersection of music, visual art, technology and science, emerging at the forefront of a class of artists whose 21st-century brand of experimental creativity dissolves the traditional boundaries between disciplines, garnering millions of fans along the way. Videos like 2007’s GRAMMY-winning video “Here it Goes Again,” featured the act on synchronized treadmills; “Upside Down & Inside Out,” where the band achieved zero-gravity status, filming the video on a reduced gravity aircraft; and their recent release, “Obsession,” utilized 567 printers and a ton of paper, which was later recycled and the profits donated, have made OK Go a standout act.’

On Friday, attendees can enjoy the “Yamaha All-Star Concert on the Grand 2018”. With the concert performers still under wraps, NAMM says: ‘The evening promises a dazzling array of seasoned performers to delight The NAMM Show audience. Past performers at Yamaha’s annual NAMM event include luminaries such as Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Tony Bennett, John Legend, Earth, Wind & Fire, U2 founder and drummer Larry Mullen, Jr. and many others’.

Saturday evening sees the annual “Imagine Party”, The NAMM Foundation and The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus presented by Other World Computing will welcome acclaimed multi-platinum pop singer and songwriter, Andy Grammer.

NAMM Says: ‘Best known for his upbeat, positive musical stylings and prolific, honest songwriting, Grammer has built a career connecting with his audience and fans in a refreshing, clear voice. In 2011, he became the first male pop star in a decade to reach the Top 10 on Adult Pop Radio with “Keep Your Head Up” and “Fine By Me,” from his 2011 self-titled debut. His second album, Magazines or Novels, featured the triple-platinum infectious smash hit, “Honey, I’m Good,” which was one of the best-selling songs of 2015, and the certified gold anthem “Good to be Alive (Hallelujah).” Most recently, Andy released his third studio album, The Good Parts, in December which features the hit singles “Smoke Clears” and “Fresh Eyes,” which has become a streaming phenomenon with over 350 million total streams. In addition to his performance in the evening, Grammer will spend part of his afternoon on the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus with young musicians from local area schools’.

Each act will start at 6:00 p.m. and be preceded by a variety of performers throughout the day as part of the Bands@NAMM programme.


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