New Classic® 20 112 Combo Guitar Amplifier from Peavey

New Classic® 20 112 Combo Guitar Amplifier from Peavey

Peavey Electronics are delighted to announce the launch of the new Peavey Classic® 20 112 Combo guitar amplifier.

The Peavey Classic® 20 112 Combo with its all-tube preamp and power amp, provides the distinctive sonic punch of the larger, iconic amplifiers on which it is based, but in a more compact footprint weighing significantly less. This latest addition brings new life into the legendary Classic® product line by now providing players with that iconic tone in a package better accommodating to today’s smaller stage and bedroom performances.

Boasting two channels that mirror the same voicing and gain structure of its bigger Peavey amplifier siblings, in addition to a specially designed boost function, the Classic® 20 112 Combo is a versatile, powerful unit that is equally suitable to virtually all musical styles.

Two EL84 power tubes and three 12AX7/ECC83 preamp tubes deliver the rich, warm tube-amplifier tones that are so sought after by players and engineers. Each of the Peavey Classic® 20 112 Combo’s channels share EQ, an effects loop, and reverb (all footswitchable), while the amp’s rear panel features MSDI™ (Microphone Simulated Direct Interface) with XLR output and USB out, 3-position power attenuator switch allowing for 20 watt, 5 watt or 1 watt operation, and speaker defeat switch.

The Classic® 20 112 Combo’s front panel includes a ¼” Input jack, Volume knob, Channel switch for selection of ‘Lead’ or ‘Rhythm’ channels, Pre-Gain to control the input level of the lead channel (i.e. overdrive and gain), Post Gain to balance the sound between the two channels, Bass, Middle, & Treble EQ controls, Reverb to dial in the amount of ambience, a Pilot Light indicating when AC power is being supplied and the Classic® 20 112 Combo’s Power Switch is in the “ON” position, Standby switch, and T.S.I.™ (Tube Status Indication) LEDs that illuminate red or green, depending on the status of the output tube they are monitoring.

The Peavey Classic® 20 112 Combo: genuine tube power and tone – no emulations or simulation – in a smaller, more manageable package.

With a retail price of £999.00, the Peavey Classic® 20 112 Combo is available to order now exclusively through UK distributors Barnes & Mullins – – with UK & Ireland stock availability from autumn 2024.

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