New Korg Konnect promises advanced PA from tiny package

New Korg Konnect promises advanced PA from tiny package

Mini portable PA systems might be increasingly common, but Korg’s take on the genre, in the form of its new Konnect, available from January in the UK, offers some unusual and desirable features, not least of which is wireless control via an app.

Designed for all-purpose uses (from wine bar gigging to conferences, dance studios and similar) the Konnect comes equipped with a 6.5″ woofer and two tweeters, delivers up to 180 Watts output. Enhanced with SHARC DSP and 32-bit digital processing, Korg says it also achieves extremely good separation and clarity, aided by accurate phase control with an all-in-one stereo speaker, a carefully designed crossover that connects the high and low frequency ranges and a low-noise design that decreases the noise floor.

Importantly for its intended market, the Konnect is also said to be extremely easy to use. In addition to a panel layout that is clear and concise, every function corresponds to a knob or switch. The Konnect is designed with an interface that will be intuitive even to non-musicians. There are four input channels, which can be used for both microphones/audio sources and instruments. Each channel is equipped with an independent volume control.

The all-in-one design combines a mixer, power amp, speakers, multi-effect unit, and feedback canceller into a single unit. This eliminates many of the inconveniences of using a conventional PA system, such as the difficulty of transportation, the need to provide speaker cables and the difficulty of finding the best location for the speakers.

Getting the optimal sound for a given location usually requires the technical skills of a mixing engineer, Korg says, however the Konnect is equipped with a VOICING function that lets users choose complex equalising preset settings that optimise the sound for the instruments or the background music that’s being played – simply by turning a single knob.

The Konnect provides five preset types: Music, Male Vocal And Female Vocal, Electric Guitar And Acoustic Guitar. By using the dedicated Konnect app, users can choose from an even wider range of 17 types including bass guitar and keyboard.

Perhaps even more usefully,the Konnect offers users the facility to wirelessly control the system via Bluetooth from their smartphones. Bluetooth can also be used to provide backing tracks on channels three and four.

With onboard DSP effects, feedback suppression,centre cancel (for Karaoke effects), phase and pan and is capable of being mounted on a speaker stand, Korg’s Konnect will be available this month for an anticipated £449.00 inc VAT.


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