New UK Music Show Gathers Momentum & Expansion

New UK Music Show Gathers Momentum & Expansion

Gold Media & Events, organisers of the hugely successful UK Drum Show, have announced the immediate expansion to other areas of MI following the news of new dates and new larger venue for April 2022 at the ACC Liverpool.

Having launched The UK Drum Show originally in Manchester, at Manchester Central, the show since its launch in 2017 has grown year on year with both attendance and exhibits.

Initially planning the return of The UK Drum Show and The UK Bass Guitar Show, that was also postponed, the 2022 announcement of combining the return of both events in the larger venue simultaneously has created further interest to becoming a much larger proposition.

Organiser and founder Neil Golding explains further:

“Having made the decision to create an event with a strong return to live events and music for April 2 & 3 2022, the ACC Liverpool was the natural choice for us to expand our offerings. In truth, when we visited the ACC Liverpool, it was very much with the plan to have the space to grow as we had reached capacity in Manchester. However, after booking halls twice the size of Manchester and multiples of them in Liverpool, the interest and uptake has been truly staggering.”

“Just weeks ago when I stood in the new larger show hall for drums and percussion, I would have never guessed that in just a matter of weeks, the increase in booth sizes and new requests would see the hall almost maxed out.” Furthermore, with reaching out to main stage artists, all but one, have now reconfirmed their return with such enthusiasm.”

“Similarly, we have begun to repopulate The UK Bass Guitar Show into its own neighbouring hall and beyond this, we have now added an electric guitar show hall, which will appear with its own dedicated website and socials, as will The UK Acoustic Guitar Show, which is in a separate hall, away from the the electrified and percussion instruments, with booths already beginning to be booked”

Having operated in music publishing and show organisation for over 17 years, Golding explains his vision further for The UK Music Show and the return and descend on Liverpool for live music and entertainment for April 2022.

“The show currently compromises of 4 large halls, one for drums, bass, electric and acoustic guitars. There is considerations also for a pro audio hall too, as there is so much to be said about music making and production, from novice to pro. So many businesses have shared with us over the past 12 months that recording equipment has become a steady and accessible diet for musicians, with the variety of affordable quality equipment now available; the whole event is paused and ready to become the UK’s no1 space on the annual calendar for music making”.

“Further options are also being explored for a digital piano gallery, so that digital pianos, synths and keyboards could have their own dedicated area to engage with players,”

“To concentrate on serving each sector, there are to be 4 individual websites for each show. The UK Drum Show and The UK Bass Guitar Show already have theirs in place and the additional two new sites go live next week. With this in mind, we can target and share relevant information to the specific audience group and collect and share data accordingly within compliance. There is also to be a a united “The UK Music Show” – A Return To Music – website, which will also play host to all exhibitors too, along with sharing content of the shows multi-faceted content under one site with all product news, artists news, clinics etc. Furthermore, there is also to be “The UK Music Show Awards”, which will be visitor/ consumer led, and presented throughout various categories, voted by the people, for those that experience brand and products over the weekend. The recipients of the awards will be presented with their category specific award, transparently and fairly, to avoid the industries stigma of “boys club” shenanigans.

“Industry comment, the most valuable resource in aiding our decisions and the source of excitement, has been very warmly welcomed. So many have recently shared the desire for a well organised larger music event that brings musicians together and the industry. So many have joked, that we have such a rich musical history here in the UK, but no single event to champion our trade. It seems ironic that we are all in the business of entertainment, but don’t have a single annual event to champion and reach our audience here in the UK”.

Below are just some of the comments shared with us, as to why we all need to unite now more than ever with the return of live music.

  • “There hasn’t been a large general music show in the UK for years and that needs to change”
  • “MI products need to come together as there is nowhere in Europe that brands all appear”
  • “We want a national exhibition not a car – boot sale to represent our trade properly”
  • A greater UK focus.
  • A re-focus on companies spending more domestically in the UK or within Europe.
  • April dates will be perfect for product launches for the New Year releases.
  • Liverpool is accessible, the ACC is a much larger venue and Liverpool has rich music history for guests to explore Liverpool and make a weekend of it.
  • Costs for hotels, parking, food etc competitive.
  • Should situations flair up in other parts of the world, to have something for the UK to ring fence to have a musical focus.

“With just over 11 months now for our industry to come together to make this a show for the UK, all interested businesses can contact us with questions, queries or requests. Confirmed exhibitors or those to join us in April, should send any artist suggestions for consideration at the earliest opportunity with appearing in our multiple performance areas.”

“Tented live areas around the venue and other music venues are currently being discussed for making Liverpool and the ‘Return To Live Music’, a destination for 2022. We hope that you can join us”

Contact: Neil Golding Organiser for plans and prices or an informal chat on (+44) 07717 404 243


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