New wireless systems and clip-on tuners from Boss

New wireless systems and clip-on tuners from Boss

Boss has announced new wireless systems for guitar, bass, and other electronic instruments. The maker is claiming they use a new ‘lightning-fast wireless technology newly developed by Boss’, offering ultra-low latency and rock-solid stability. The result is: ‘…a plug-and-play experience with no aggravation or guesswork, the WL series makes it easy for players to bring wireless freedom to home, rehearsal, and small stage rigs’.

The WL series sets optimum wireless connection automatically when the transmitter and receiver components are docked, with no other user intervention required. A built-in rechargeable battery in the transmitter provides up to 12 hours of continuous play time. Boss claims the systems are ‘as simple to use as a standard guitar cable’. A small transmitter plugs into the instrument and a matching receiver plugs into a pedal or amp. The receiver includes cable tone simulation, which reproduces the natural capacitive effect of a 10-foot/3-meter guitar cable.

The size of a standard stompbox makes the WL series pedalboard friendly and it is powered via a PSA-series adapter or AA batteries. With adapter power, the receiver’s DC output can distribute power to one or more pedals.

The WL-T Wireless Transmitter can be purchased as a spare for use with a WL-20, WL-20L, or WL-50 system or the Katana-Air wireless guitar amp.

Boss TU-03

Simultaneously Boss also unveiled the new TU-03 Clip-On Tuner & Metronome, the latest addition to the company’s line-up of instrument tuners. Designed for guitar, bass, ukulele, and other stringed instruments, the TU-03 combines a high-performance chromatic tuner and metronome in one clip-on unit.

Users can switch between standard chromatic mode and dedicated guitar, bass, ukulele, and violin modes. The reference pitch is adjustable from 430-450 Hz, and flat and double-flat tunings are supported as well. Reference pitches can also be broadcast through a built-in speaker.

Offering a metronome mode, the TU-03 makes that available via its built-in speaker so that users can both see and hear the beat. There are eight different patterns and ten beat variations available, and tempo is adjustable from 30-250 BPM.


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