Paul Brett Series Vintage Fret Dancer 6-12 String Acoustic Guitars Available Now

Paul Brett Series Vintage Fret Dancer 6-12 String Acoustic Guitars Available Now

After their world debut at Winter NAMM 2024, the Vintage Series of Fret Dancer 6-12 string acoustic and electro acoustic guitars designed by the late Paul Brett, are now available worldwide.

Designed by the late English guitarist and blues historian Paul Brett, the new Vintage Fret Dancer Series of acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars are launched in honour of the late John Joyce, a legend himself on the British folk and blues music scene, who dedicated his career to the 12 string guitar.

John Joyce who died in 2004 was a close friend and mentor of Paul Brett, who himself, aside from being a well known author, singer songwriter, record producer and skilled guitar designer, was also regarded as one of the UK’s most talented 12 string players.

Whilst performing as a duo partner with Brett, Joyce also played with many blues greats, including Howling Wolf, Jesse Fuller, Reverend Gary Davis, and Sonny Terry & Brownie McGee.

Paul Brett and his Paul Brett Series guitars.

Since 2010, Paul had designed his own highly successful Paul Brett Series of acoustic 6-12 acoustic and electro acoustic guitars and basses, launched under the Vintage guitar brand.

Whilst designing the new Fret Dancer Series he commented, “I’d known John for decades and would like to dedicate the Fret Dancer Series as my tribute to him, to keep his legacy alive and as a thank you for introducing me to the world of 12 string playing and my career in the music business.”

Sadly, after a short illness, Paul Brett passed away on January 31st 2024, the same day and month as John Joyce.

Paul Brett Fret Dancer 12 string acoustic guitar.

Utilising his incredible knowledge of blues music, acoustic guitars and his keen eye for expertise and using his own collection as a benchmark, Paul created the Fret Dancer 6-12 string acoustic and electro acoustics which received critical acclaim at Winter NAMM 2024.

Ben Smith demonstrates the Fret Dancer 6 string:

                                   Paul Brett and his extensive guitar collection.

Featuring a tonewood combination of mahogany for the full-bodied ivory bound backs and sides and attractive aged, open-pore solid spruce tops, slotted headstocks, 20 fret rosewood fingerboards joining the body at the 14th fret, decorative abalone soundhole rosettes, bone nuts and saddles, rosewood bridges and engraved tailpieces, the intriguing Fret Dancers not only have that ‘feel it in your bones’ innate blues emotion, but also a modern approach within playability and sound that amateur and professional players will appreciate.

Electrics for the electro-acoustic models feature a dual pickup system with blend control, Phase Shift, 2 band EQ, built-in Hall/ Room Reverb, Chorus/Delay and onboard tuner.

Paul Brett was never one to mix his words…”The day of charging vast amounts of money for a boutique acoustic guitar that may have been built from a kipper box are far gone,” he said,And, would you want to go out and gig with a 19th century guitar? Chances are it’ll get trashed or disappear…no, you take out a Vintage PB Series model that will perform better than the original.

I find it incredible that it’s on everyone’s lips who owns a Vintage guitar, is how the Paul Brett Series can be produced at these prices. There’s a blessing to be had when musicians of any age from beginner to pro, can purchase a high qualityacoustic guitar at such an attractive price.”

Paul Brett

20th June 1947 – 31st January 2024

Vintage FretDancer acoustic 6 string. £269 rrp.

Vintage FretDancer acoustic 12 string. £299 rrp.

Vintage FretDancer electro acoustic 6 string. £319 rrp.

Vintage FretDancer electro acoustic 12 string. £349 rrp.

Vintage Guitars are distributed worldwide exclusively by JHS

Paul Brett Signature Series Guitars


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