ProPik® Choose Strings & Things For UK and Ireland Distribution

ProPik® Choose Strings & Things For UK and Ireland Distribution

Strings & Things Ltd are delighted to announce that we have been appointed exclusive distributor for ProPik® products in the UK & Ireland.

Deering Banjo Company COO, Jamie Latty said, “Deering Banjo Company is thrilled to be partnering with Strings & Things to offer exclusive distribution of the prestigious ProPik line of fingerpicks and thumbpicks throughout the UK. As a company established the same year as Deering Banjo Company, we know that Strings & Things will use their decades of experience representing ProPik, as they have done for so many other iconic brands. We also know many of our dealers already have long standing relationships with Strings & Things, so we look forward to a straightforward transition, and a long and prosperous future, together.”

Those sentiments are echoed by Alex Davis, Head of Brands at Strings & Things: ‘It’s rare to find essential playing accessories of such exceptional quality, and it’s a genuine pleasure to be working with the Deering Banjo Company to be able to offer the full range of outstanding ProPik products to retailers across the UK and Ireland.’

Made in the USA, ProPik has been the source for superior tone and unrivalled comfort for thousands of stringed instrument players for more than three decades. Offering a huge assortment of fingerpicks and thumbpicks for banjo, guitar, resonator, and dobro players, you’ll have no problem finding your perfect pick.

ProPik® fingerpicks and thumbpicks are made to be completely adjustable and secure with a non-slip design, so there’s a size for everyone. Small and medium picks are also offered for players with smaller hands.

Players can customize their tone by choosing from different combinations of durable metals and blade styles. ProPik also offers several of its products with angled blades, allowing the player to hit the strings squarely with minimized finger movement, getting a boost of tone, speed, volume, and reduced pick noise.

Feel great while experiencing superior tone, whatever style you play in.

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