PRS debuts three limited run semis

PRS debuts three limited run semis

PRS has used its ‘Experience PRS 2018’ gathering to launch limited runs of three brand new semi-hollow bodied guitars: the McCarty 594 Semi-Hollow, Singlecut McCarty 594 Semi-Hollow, and Special Semi-Hollow. For each of these models, there is no cap to the number that will be made, but they are available for order through PRS Guitars Authorized Dealers between 8th June 8 – 31st August 31.

‘Semi-Hollow guitars offer a beautiful resonance and depth, along with a classic aesthetic thanks to the single f-hole. There is also some weight-relief provided by the semi-hollow body if that is a concern for players,’ says Judy Schaefer, PRS Guitars Director of Marketing. ‘In the end though, we decided to offer these guitars because they are just good, musical instruments with a lot of versatility.’

The McCarty 594 is a vintage-inspired instrument on which the addition of an f-hole and semi-hollow body ‘…adds welcome depth and beauty to the guitar,’ PRS says.

The PRS Special Semi-Hollow Limited Edition guitar is very similar to a Custom 22 in its foundations, but offers players a versatile hum/single/hum configuration with two PRS 85/15 MT (Multi-Tap) humbuckers and a PRS Narrowfield middle pickup. th emanufacturer says the 85/15 MT’s offer all the tone of the originals while compensating for volume loss when split to single coils. The Narrowfield pickup: ‘delivers the bite of a single coil – without the hum but with plenty of clarity and punch. Paired with a 5-Way blade switch and two mini-toggles that tap the humbuckers, this guitar can handle myriad sounds and styles, and the semi-hollow body with single f-hole provides a welcome airiness and depth to the guitar’s tone’.


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