Return To Retail – JHS Gears Up For Open Up

Return To Retail – JHS Gears Up For Open Up

If we didn’t like Mondays before, we certainly do now! Retail stores open today and JHS is geared up to get things moving!
With bricks and mortar shops forced to close, it soon became apparent that company websites were the only ones selling, with that in mind the ever-proactive JHS team, launched a brand new super-fast and responsive website which will load on all platforms, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobiles.

Specifically designed with speed and efficiency in mind, trade customers can review hourly updated stock levels, quantity discounts, drop ship ordering details and easily browse through over 60 brands and 4,700 products via the improved navigation for categories, Brands, Fretted Instruments, Guitar Accessories, Amps & Effects, Live Sound & Lighting, Stands, Keyboard, Percussion, Orchestral and Education. 

Customers can also be assured that the JHS Sales Team will review your online orders, to ensure the best prices, deals and special offers are automatically applied.

Forced savings during lockdown have led to record levels of optimism, musicians have missed their favourite activity…’playing live’…so there is ample opportunity over the spring and into the summer, for the trade industry to maximise this appetite to spend.

“All of the team at JHS would like to thank you for your wonderful backing and encouragement during the Covid pandemic, and are here to return the compliment, for the dedication you have given us”.

On this occasion we do ‘like ’Mondays’.

Call the JHS Sales Team now on 0113 286 6411
Email or order online at

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