Roland Announces BGM CAST Service for the BRIDGE CAST Dual Bus Gaming Mixer

Roland Announces BGM CAST Service for the BRIDGE CAST Dual Bus Gaming Mixer

Roland has announced BGM CAST, a curated music service for the BRIDGE CAST Dual Bus Gaming Mixer. Available through the companion BRIDGE CAST app and Roland Cloud, BGM CAST provides BRIDGE CAST users with a simple, integrated solution to enhance their livestreams with a large selection of background music tracks and sound effects.
BGM CAST extends the powerful audio tools in BRIDGE CAST with direct access to a high-quality music library. Everything is managed within the BRIDGE CAST app (Version 2.0 and later), eliminating the need for third-party music services, manual playlist preparation, and complicated computer software setups.
All tracks in BGM CAST are royalty-free, giving streamers unlimited use with no fear of copyright strikes on their channels. Amadeus Code, a developer of music generation AI, provides the background music content in BGM CAST through MusicTGA-HR, one of the world’s largest music datasets. BGM CAST music is created through a “human-in-the-loop” process, where musicians and producers enhance basic AI tracks to provide superior results.
BGM CAST offers a large variety of music with many moods and genres to choose from. Once the user selects a category, a curated music playlist will stream continuously. Clicking the “thumbs up” button during playback adds a track to the Favorites category while clicking the “thumbs down” button removes the track from the playlist. An extensive sound effects library is also included, and selections can be assigned to the four hardware buttons on BRIDGE CAST for instant triggering.
A free Roland Account provides 36 background music tracks and 16 sound effects to use at no charge. Signing up for Roland Cloud Core membership through the BRIDGE CAST app unlocks thousands of additional music tracks and hundreds of sound effects, with new selections added each month.
Roland Cloud membership also includes powerful tools for modern music creators, including the ZENOLOGY synthesizer, Zenbeats production software, Sound Packs, and many more. Core, Pro, and Ultimate memberships are available, each with an expanding range of content options to choose from.
For over five decades, Roland has been at the forefront of electronic musical instrument and audio/visual product development, creating innovative solutions driven by the latest technologies. The company is dedicated to enhancing its product lineup with machine learning, generative AI, and other emerging technologies and growing Roland Cloud services to meet the evolving needs of modern creators.
About the BRIDGE CAST Dual Bus Gaming Mixer
Named a CES® 2023 Innovation Awards honoree, BRIDGE CAST takes gaming sound to the next level, backed by 50 years of Roland audio development. This customizable desktop hub features dual mixes, vocal transformer effects, music playback, sound effects, and support for a broadcast-grade XLR mic. Powerful onboard signal processing handles the audio load, allowing users to reserve their computer’s power for a stable gaming and streaming experience.
With its dual audio mixer, BRIDGE CAST provides the ability to independently balance the mic level, team chats, background music, and more. Users can gain a winning advantage with a personal mix that prioritizes gameplay sounds while broadcasting a separate stream mix optimized for online engagement. The panel features dedicated volume knobs and assignable buttons for muting sounds and accessing various functions, offering fast, hands-on control that’s not possible with software-based solutions.
The BRIDGE CAST faceplate is detachable, enabling users to personalize their hardware with a team or gamertag design. Templates are available on the Roland website for creating overlays with popular graphics applications. The LED colors of the four control knobs can also be customized for additional flair.
The companion BRIDGE CAST app unlocks deeper features, including mic and audio processing tools, voice transformer settings, Game EQ presets, and more. It’s also possible to re-assign hardware controls and save/recall configurations for different games and streaming audiences. And along with support for BGM CAST, the latest version of the app debuts a newly redesigned interface and many user-requested workflow enhancements. Roland remains dedicated to evolving the platform based on feedback from the BRIDGE CAST user community.
Availability & Pricing
The Roland BRIDGE CAST Dual Bus Gaming Mixer is available for $299.99 in the U.S. BGM CAST is now available for free with the latest BRIDGE CAST app update to access 36 background music tracks and 16 sound effects, or for $2.99 per month via Roland Cloud Core membership to unlock thousands of additional music tracks and hundreds of sound effects.
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About Roland Corporation
For 50 years, Roland’s innovative electronic musical instruments and multimedia products have fueled inspiration in artists and creators around the world. Embraced by hobbyists and professionals alike, the company’s trendsetting gear spans multiple categories, from pianos, synthesizers, guitar products, and electronic percussion to DJ controllers, audio/video solutions, livestreaming products, and more. As technology evolves, Roland continues to lead the way for gigging musicians, producers, and beatmakers, providing modern software-based solutions and seamless creative workflows between hardware products, computers, and mobile devices. For more information, visit or see your local Roland dealer. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter (@RolandGlobal), and Instagram (@RolandGlobal).
About Amadeus Code, Inc.
Founded in 2012, Amadeus Code has consistently worked to support the growth of creators by developing and providing services that make it easy to get the music they want. The company currently operates three platforms: MusicTGA/MusicTGA-HR, Evoke Music, and Power of Song. These innovative music platforms provide a high-quality experience for all content creators, enhancing their performances and endlessly expanding their creative possibilities. The members of Amadeus Code are committed to their mission of “using music to accelerate the realization of a world where everyone can shine” and to support the growth of creators who will shape the world of the future.

The post Roland Announces BGM CAST Service for the BRIDGE CAST Dual Bus Gaming Mixer first appeared on Music Instrument News.

The post Roland Announces BGM CAST Service for the BRIDGE CAST Dual Bus Gaming Mixer appeared first on Music Instrument News.

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