Rotosound launches detuning sets

Rotosound launches detuning sets

Rotosound, currently celebrating its 60th anniversary year, proves it is still very much in tune with the guitar market by launching its first set of electric guitar strings, specially formulated for playing with alternative tunings, such as the drop tunings widely used in varieties of metal.

For fans of alternative tunings, such as Drop D or DADGAD, three new electric guitar gauges have been added to the Roto Nickel on Steel range. Specifically created for detuning, and to dispense with the need to mix and match different strings from different sets, the packs offer varying feel and tensions dependent on scale length and are as follows:

Roto Whites – 11 • 15 • 22 • 30w • 42w • 54w

Roto Silvers – 12 • 16 • 24 • 32w • 44w • 56w

Roto Blacks – 12 • 16 • 30 • 34w • 46w • 60w

The sets, which are designed and manufactured completely in the UK and carry an RRP of £7.95.

‘It’s all about the strings with Rotosound,’ says chairman Jason How, ‘and we aim to provide our new and loyal customers with all the options they need to enhance their music, improve their sound or add something different to what they normally play. A lot of guitarists like to experiment with different tunings, but it can be a bit of an improvised process. Now, straight out of the pack you can put our strings on and know that they will look, feel and sound complete.’


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