Sky Music Distribution Seek UK Distributor

Sky Music Distribution Seek UK Distributor

Sky Music Distribution, manufacturer of the famous SkyGel Damperpads, SIB Systems microphones & accessories, Sky Percussion Stave Snare-Drums, are seeking a new relationship with granting exclusive distribution to a suitable UK partner.

SkyGel Damperpads

SkyGel® Damper Pads allow a precise attenuation of overtones on drums, cymbals and almost all types of percussion instruments.

Due to a specifically developed gel formula and its ergonomic, oval shape, SkyGel® Damper Pads offer the perfect damping, a precise exact fit and can be placed, at the same time, close to the hoop of the drum.

Extremely durable, washable, flexible, and easy to use.

SkyGels are available worldwide since 2014, is more popular than ever.

Used by world-famous drummers all over the world.

Ray Luzier, drummer from KORN with his 18-piece signature pack (including autograph card and acrylic keychain) in wine red

Dom Famularo, R.i.P., signature pack in black

Betram Engel, German stadium drummer, with signature pack in gentian blue

Mike Portnoy Dream Theater

Mike Portnoy from Dream Theater loves the new SkyGel color Purple Heart

Dave Chavarri, Ill Niñio with SkyGel since 2017 with black damper pads

Mike Terrana, black Skygels

Gary Husband UK, red SkyGels

Rico H. from Mallorca, band Stoneman black and purple SkyGels

Adam Breeze UK, with Wargasm – black SkyGels

Ryan Thundersmith UK, Outlaw Orchestra JUST to name a few.

Product description:

  • 8packs: 8 SkyGels same size (41.0mm x 21.00mm) Colors: Clear, Blue, black, red, green.
  • 12packs: 12 Skygels in 3 diff, sizes and colours each 4x 25x15mm 31x20mm 42×27.5mm
  • Colours: Clear, white, black, purple, pink, purple, peach, yellow


Sibi Siebert started 1994 with manufacturing Internal Holding bracket for Drum Microphones, and Bass- Drum Microphones. Sold world-wide.

First Endorser was Andy Gangadeen, drummer from Spice Girls.

The first product was SIB Systems BDHO which is still available today.

BDHO, was renamed into BDFTHP, because it works inside Floor-Toms as well.

2019 a brand-new microphone design was launched – SIB SYSTEMS ROCKET SERIES.

  • Rocket One – a fantastic dynamic microphone for Bass Drum and other big drums
  • Rocket Two – Snare Drum microphone, dynamic) with clear and power sound for Snare-Drums, Toms and percussion, RK2 also is brilliant when used to mike up e-guitar.
  • Rocket Three, condenser microphone for overheads or any acoustic instrument.


Rocket One

Type:Moving Coil Dynamic

Frequency Response: 20-12,000 Hz

Sensitivity (at 1,000Hz): -85dB*(0.056mV) *0dB=1V/μbar

Impedance: 600Ω

Phasing: Positive pressure on diaphragm produces positive voltage on pin 2 with respect to pin 3.


Male XLR 3-pin professional audio connector

Rocket Two

Type:Moving Coil Dynamic

Frequency Response: 60-16,000 Hz

Polar Pattern: Super cardioid, rotationally symmetrical about microphone axis, uniform with frequency.

Sensitivity (at 1,000Hz):     -72dB*(0.056mV) *0dB=1V/μbar Impedance:600Ω

Phasing: Positive pressure on diaphragm produces positive voltage on pin 2 with respect to pin 3.

Connector:Male XLR 3-pin professional audio connector

Rocket Three

Rocket Three, unidirectional Electret-Condenser Microphone High Gain, Low Noise

Frequency Response: 60 – 18.000Hz Impedance:  525Ω

Max. Schalldruck: 150dB

Gehäuse: Aluminium, eloxiert Phantom-Power:    9-52V or 1,5V AA-Battery Incl. clamp


Internal Mounting system; SHOCK-MOUNTED with adjustable arm. BFTH will fit into drums from 12” up to 26”

The Advantages:

  • No stands in front of the bass drum
  • No cable traps around the bass drum
  • Works great, even when resonant head is closed
  • Universal threat with lock nut
  • Controlled sound
  • More Bass
  • More Punch


Handcrafted from scratch..

We were able to win over one of the most creative drum makers in Germany on the scene for our SkyPercussion snare drums.

Stefan Emmerich has over 20 years of experience in drum making and makes the SkyPercussion snare drums in a barrel or ‘stave’ design. The shell is assembled from solid, precisely calculated blocks of wood and turned round by hand – inside with the architecture characteristic of SkyPercussion – and then sanded smooth.

This complex construction guarantees maximum stability with the help of the high-quality manufacturing quality and is only found in high-class products.

In addition, the vertical wood grain of the staves on SkyPercussion not only gives each drum its unique sound properties, but also makes it visually unique. As far as the sound is concerned, this type of manufacturing impresses with unlimited dynamics and flexibility.

SkyPercussion snare drums deliver an extremely strong projection when played forcefully, as well as defined and sensitive ‘whisper sounds’ when used pianissimo.

Each of the shells, made from the finest, hand-picked ash, mahogany or padauk wood, delivers powerful, controlled and warm sounds that can be used to easily implement musical ideas of any style.

The shell size currently offered, 14″ x 6.5″, ensures an optimal balance in terms of fullness of sound and response. Available in the following exclusive finishes:

Blue Sky (Blue) Satin Black (Black)

Sky Percussion Solid-River Snares – Your luxury product Made in Germany

Do you already know the new star in drum kit heaven? No?

Your search for this perfection is now over – with the Sky Percussion Solid-River Snare Drum! It’s time to take off into the cosmic spheres of Sky Percussion Solid-River Snare Drums.

A “river” flows in the middle of the shell, elaborately incorporated with a mix of epoxy resin. Exceptional handwork, behind which there is a great deal of know-how and knowledge

The design of the Solid-River snare drums is a further development by Stefan Emmerich, who successfully used this design years ago in his River Cajon.

Solid River Snare Drums from the shell to the last screw qualitatively, visually and acoustically 100% convincing.

No compromises are made here. Every detail is the result of a conscious decision and a development process in which only specialists are involved

Of course, the Solid-River Snare Drums are not only optically awesome, they also sound incredible – from whisper to really loud – they are very dynamic!

PLEASE CONTACT SIBI SIEBERT for details and prices



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