Supro launch Super Alnico, Vistatone, PAF, Gold Foil and Gold Foil Mini pickups

Supro launch Super Alnico, Vistatone, PAF, Gold Foil and Gold Foil Mini pickups

Supro have launched 5 new authentic replicas of their groundbreaking pickups covering a full range of sonic permutations, with stunning visual aesthetics. 

Supro Gold Foil. 

The new Supro Gold Foil pickups, are a faithful reproduction of the original ‘Clear Tone’ units found in the ‘Chicagomade’ Supro

guitars and basses from the early 60’s.

With authentic vintage coil construction, the Supro Gold Foil high output single coil pickups, are now available housed in standard humbucker sized cases, with or without the legendary ‘S’ motif and as dedicated units for neck and bridge positions.

The bridge pickup is over-wound for extra output and the neck pickup is reverse-wound for hum-cancelling operation when combined with the bridge unit.

Like all Supro single coil designs, the entire baseplate and cover of the pickup is magnetised, providing ultra-low noise performance, whilst a unique ‘Field Coil’ design (no pole pieces) provides a clear, broadband tone with a wider frequency that’s suitable for both guitar and bass.

Supro Gold Foil Mini. 

The Supro Gold Foil pickups are also available as mini humbuckers and again, are striking on the eye with ‘S’ logo. It is of course the classic Supro sonics that make the Gold Foils one of the best selling pickups.

With the same technical specifications as the larger humbucker sized Supro Gold Foil, the Supro Gold Foil mini also has a noticeable beefy low end and a delicious treble response, think 3 dimensional humbucker….or the fattest single coil ever.

Supro Super Alnico

Available in Chrome or Polished Gold, the new Supro Super Alnico high output pickup, is a faithful production

of the model found in the bridge position of top-of the line vintage Supro guitars,

including the Rhythm Master Silverwood and Coronado archtop. Originally developed in the late 1950’s as an answer to Gibson’s P.90, the new humbucker sized Supro Super Alnico is one huge over-wound coil delivering a very useful focused mid range bite with single coil chime and clarity.

Supro Vistatone

The new Vistatone is an authentic replica of the groundbreaking Supro single-coil pickup and follows Supro’s commitment to authentically reproduce the company’s classic pickup designs.

The bridge pickup is wound slightly hotter than the neck pickup, which is again, reverse wound for hum-cancelling operation when combined with the bridge unit. Originally developed for Valco by Ralph Keller in the early 1950s and made famous by musicians such as Link Wray, David Bowie, Robert Smith, Dan Auerbach and Jack White, the Supro Vistatone has a huge fat tone that works exceptionally well with fuzz pedals and overdriven tube amps. Available in Chrome or Polished Gold.

Supro PAF

The new Supro PAF is a replica of Seth Lover’s iconic dual coil design from the late 1950’s. Using a calibrated set of Alnico III magnets in the bridge and Alnico II in the neck, these scatter-wound, vintage correct pickups produce a brilliant voice with plenty of bite and unrivalled clarity in a humbucker.

The nickel plated steel slugs and pole pieces combined with an elegant brushed nickel cover make this handwound classic look as good as it sounds. Available in Brushed Nickel and Brushed Gold.


Supro Gold Foil: N/B ‘S’ Cover or Open Frame……………£99.99 rrp

Supro Gold Foil Mini. N/M/B ‘S’ Cover………………………£99.99 rrp

Supro Super Alnico: N/B Chrome or Polished Gold……….£99.99 rrp

Supro Vistatone: N/B Chrome £99.99 rrp. Polished Gold….£109.00 rrp

Supro PAF: N/B Brushed Nickel or Brushed Gold…………..£109.00 rrp

Supro guitars, amps, pedals and pickups are distributed exclusively in the UK, ROI and EU by JHS.


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