Tanglewood expands partnership with Elixir

Tanglewood expands partnership with Elixir

Tanglewood has extended its partnership with Elixir strings to include fitment to some of the more high volume models in the company’s acoustic guitar catalogue.

Elixir Strings will now feature exclusively on Tanglewood’s Winterleaf series, Java series and Sundance Premier. They have been standard equipment previously on Sundance Performance Pro, Sundance Historic and Masterdesign by Sanden.

Dan Reeks, Tanglewood’s Marketing Manager says: ‘This progression into a stronger partnership with Elixir Strings was firmly founded in the belief that our playing family depend on us to offer only the very best components in the construction of our instruments and in blind tests and real world field studies, Elixir Strings was proven to add value in terms of sound and tonal longevity, making it ultimately an easy choice for us to make. A good string can make a great guitar sound really good… a great string can make a great guitar sound unbelievable, and that’s the benchmark we believe we have now set with this partnership agreement’.

Tanglewood Guitars equipped with Elixir Strings began arriving in stores across 62 countries from Jan 10th and by March 2018 all production should be shipping to this new specification.

Info: www.tanglewoodguitars.co.uk

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