Taurus to debut Stomp-Head

Taurus to debut Stomp-Head

Polish amp builder Taurus (another significant brand currently without UK distribution) will be debuting its latest product at Winter NAMM, the Stomp-Head 1.VT.

The newest and smallest member of Taurus’s floor amplifier family, the newcomer is aimed at vintage amp fans and features a classic three point EQ ( Bass, Middle, Treble), Presence, Gain, Boost and Volume. Taurus says the amplifier is characterised by: ‘very smooth, warm sound with soft compression and long sustain’.

The Stomp-Head can also be used as a guitar pre-amp. Line Out with ‘Speaker Cabinet Simulation’ lets the user connect independently the pre-amps to a mixer or an external power amp. The amp is also equipped with a serial Effects Loop.

Taurus says: ‘To obtain required parameters, the amplifier is driven by a much higher rated power amp. Even though the power of the amplifier is set at 40Watts RMS, in reality the real power of the amp is 90 Watts. The SH 1.VT is also equipped with a power selector allowing the player to use the amp in two different power ratings of 40 and 20 Watts RMS. It is also designed to auto adjust itself to different speaker impedance. The amp handles the speakers with 4, 8, and 16 Ohm of impedance’.

Info: www.taurus-amp.pl

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