TC Electronic Ditto Looper review

TC Electronic Ditto Looper
TC Electronic Ditto Looper

is the only specifically developed by guitarists for guitarists. The high quality and the incredibly easy operation, as well as the damn high fun factor characterize him. It combines all the essential functions of a looper under an unimaginably simple user interface with just one button. Add to that True , Analog-dry-through, extremely compact dimensions and uncompromising sound quality – uncompressed 24-bit. With a total of five minutes of loop time, unlimited overdubs and undo / redo functions, Ditto Looper is the perfect blend of quality, creativity and ease of use.

As TC has focused on what’s important to guitarists in developing the Ditto Looper, you can be very excited about what TC fans will do with this new product.

The most important functions:

  • Five minutes loop time, unlimited overdubs, undo and redo functions
  • Designed by guitarists for guitarists
  • Clean, extremely intuitive interface

Ditto Looper is the looper you just try … and then never give it back because everything just fits.
It was simply everything that belongs to a great looper, put on the workbench. Then it was painted and then everything removed, which annoys, what bothers, which distracts from the essential – the music. What was left over? A looper that is intuitive, damn fun, great sounds … and does not cost much.

The Ditto Looper was designed from the ground up by guitarists for guitarists. That makes the Ditto Looper in a pedal board conceivably narrow, is one thing. Nonetheless, it has all the sonic qualities that make a guitarist’s heart warm: True Bypass and Analog-dry-through. Whatever you do loop-technically, your sound will remain unadulterated. Authentic.

What is the Ditto Looper doing? Loops. And he’s damn good at it. And even if the interface is … well, minimalist: With this one button, all the important functions can be controlled: recording, undo / redo, stop and delete … All these functions can be controlled in a simple, understandable way. “Stacking” loops, switching between multiple parts or creating complex song structures: the Ditto Looper simply does what he is supposed to do.

Make your inner sound junkie happy. If you know products, you know they are obsessed with great sound. The developers of TC Electronic have made the same claims to the Ditto Looper – and fulfilled them. Loops are played in uncompromised 24-bit (uncompressed). And seriously, if you love sound, why settle for less?

The Ditto Looper is extremely compact – space should be found in every pedalboard. And since it is so narrow, enough air remains for many more TC pedals.

Only one regulator? Yup! And that controls the loop level. So it’s very easy to switch from a subtle, barely audible accompaniment to a rousing “wall of sound”.

control the loop level

When the Ditto Looper is in Bypass mode, it is actually off – and therefore has no effect on your sound. The result: maximum sound quality, zero height loss.

The original signal from your instrument always passes through the Ditto Looper in the same way, without any conversion. Original remains as original – without discoloration, without delay.

The Ditto Looper allows a leisurely five-minute loop time – that should really be enough for even the craziest experiments. How many artists with ten hours of songs are still booked today? LOL.

Of course, Undo is the weapon of choice if you want to get rid of a not quite successful loop loop … But we hear from users over and over again that they use Undo to swap songparts (stanza / chorus) in real time on stage. Of course, both are possible with the Ditto Looper.

The Ditto Looper also allows unlimited overdubbing.

TC Electronic Ditto Looper