The Nautilus Returns for 2020

The Nautilus Returns for 2020

In 1983, Vigier presented the Nautilus, an electric guitar with a cutting edge switching system, offering nearly endless recallable possibilities for musicians capable of taming it.

37 years later, the Nautilus returns as an Excalibur and picks up where the previous one left off.

Nautilus II is a guitar that offers no less than 8 different pickup configurations (HSH – HSS – HH – HS – SSS – SS – SH – SSH).

Besides allowing you to change your actual pickup configuration, the Nautilus II can accept MIDI commands. Not only can you store your configuration, but you can also set your pickup selection, volume and tone values and recall them at the push of a button. Furthermore, the physical switches and pots override these presets allowing you to use them like a “normal” guitar.

The system is simple to operate and does not change the passive sound of the pickups.

The Nautilus II is available on all Excalibur HSH passive models with pickguards.

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