Two Pedals Every Bedroom Guitarist Should Have

Two Pedals Every Bedroom Guitarist Should Have

Awhile back, Phillip McKnight created a very informative video in which the plays a starring role.

Phillip’s video is all about making your private guitar time more productive and enjoyable. He’s using an electric-acoustic guitar for this demonstration, but if your choice of practice ax is an electric, that’s perfectly fine too.

The two pedals he’s advocating here are a looper—take your pick of the many models available—and the Dunlop Echoplex Preamp pedal. 

“What is interesting about [the Echoplex Preamp] is that it will raise the volume of the guitar, but it won’t push the signal like a booster pedal,” Phil says. There are other options, including ’s Texas Recoiler, which Phillip says he used to use. “Basically,” he says, “what you’re looking for is a pedal that will raise the volume shelf but doesn’t necessarily push an to change the tone.”

Take a look at the video, where you can see Phil build a couple of loops and hear how the Echoplex Preamp works into the equation.

As always, we encourage you to visit Phillip’s YouTube channel for more of his informative videos.

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