Vox Take-Away with SDC-1 mini

Vox Take-Away with SDC-1 mini

Vox guitars have announced today (18/7/2019) the SDC-1 mini, as a guitar to take with you, or for those smaller hands and younger players, being a possibly good fit!

The new VOXSDC-1 mini provides the sound and feel of a full sized electric guitar in a compact format. Play with the same tuning and tension (*) as a standard guitar but on a 479mm short scale format. It also features high gear ratio tuning heads especially designed for short scale guitars to allow easy and accurate tuning. (* When using .012 – .054Strings) claims Vox.


Specifications: Body: Poplar / Scale:476 mm / Neck: Maple / Fingerboard: Purple heart

Nut width: 42mm / Dimensions(W x D x H):270 mm x 65 mm x 744 mm/10.63″ x 2.56″ x 29.29″ Weight:2.1kg / 4.63 lbs. / Included items:Neck adjustment wrench, Carry bag.

SSP: £165 in VAT

Availability: October 2019


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