Watch Jared Dines Compare $175 and $4,000 Acoustic Guitars

Watch Jared Dines Compare $175 and $4,000 Acoustic Guitars

In this clip, YouTuber/guitarist Jared Dines compares a $175 Orangewood acoustic guitar against a $4,000 Taylor. 

How do they stack up? Watch below and decide for yourself!

Here’s what Dines had to say about the comparison: 

“In my opinion, the Orangewood held up very well. It felt great to play, maybe even a little softer on the fingers than the Taylor (straight out of the box). I enjoyed the brightness the cheaper acoustic had, however I felt the Taylor had more mid/low body to it. These were the only differences I found other than the fact that the Taylor allows for DI recording and has bass/mid/treble controls on the guitar itself. No post EQ or effects were added other than compression to level out the volume. The compression was also exactly the same on both guitars.”

Which guitar sounds better to you? Comment below and tell us what you think.

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