Watch the Craig Brown Band Star in Ram's ProMaster BandVan Video Series

Watch the Craig Brown Band Star in Ram's ProMaster BandVan Video Series

We’ve teamed up with Ram Commercial, a division of the Ram Truck brand, to share the final video of its Ram ProMaster BandVan video series. The clip, which you can watch above, spotlights one of Detroit’s most beloved and powerful groups, the Craig Brown Band.

Supporting their debut full length album on Third Man Records, The Lucky Ones Forget, Craig Brown Band brings effortless musicianship and a damaged honkey-tonk howl to the mix alongside a polished and tuneful sound. Despite being in bands for years, Craig is only just beginning to amaze with his eclectic and accomplished guitar playing and songwriting abilities.

Featuring three impressive emerging artists perpetually touring across the country, the Ram ProMaster BandVan video series put a spotlight on alternative indie-trio The Accidentals (Sony Masterworks) and critically-acclaimed singer-songwriter Cory Branan (Bloodshot Records) along with Craig Brown Band. Created as an emerging artist initiative for musicians who work tirelessly on the road in support of their craft, Ram outfitted a ProMaster 3500 to be the ultimate touring vehicle.

“A lot of people can write great songs and records but not everybody has what it takes to tour,” Brown said. “Touring is unpredictable, it’s not consistent, it can leave you feeling stranded in the rain. But if you are cut out for it, touring can also bring you some of the most joy you will ever have in your life…if you can hack it.”

Each act was given the newly equipped ProMaster BandVan to tour in for a period of time while also capturing video of life on the road. The footage was then compiled into the series for a glimpse into each artists’ tours, giving viewers an inside look at the hard work, dedication and passion of an emerging touring musician. The ProMaster BandVan video series is part of the Ram Truck brand’s continued effort to showcase musical artists who embody hard working ethics and determination, which are pillars of the Ram community.

“Without a reliable tour vehicle you will for sure be stranded on the side of the road; just hope it’s not Wyoming or you will be in trouble,” Brown joked. 

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