5 symptoms of musical fever

5 symptoms of musical fever

Heart’s beating faster? Feet can’t stop tapping? Oh boy… This not just any ordinary crush. This is a case of some serious musical fever! Don’t worry, it’s completely safe and harmless. Here are the 5 symptoms, so you can tell if you’re hooked!


#1 You’re stuck on repeat.

In the shower, in the car, at work, during class, even while talking to someone. For some reason, you just can’t get that song out of your head. You also feel the need to randomly bring it up in conversations. Again. And again. And again. Even though your friends might think it’s “so annoying”, we totally get it.


#2 You can’t keep your hands to yourself.

If your hands aren’t constantly playing air guitar Jimi Hendrix-style, or trying to recreate sick beats on the kitchen table, they’re looking for the love of their life online. Their musical life, that is. Duh.


#3 Staying in on Saturday night.

15 text messages. 10 missed calls. Your friends are wondering where the hell you are, because you were supposed to meet them at the bar. Whoopsie. You were too caught up trying to play that beautiful melody on your keyboard. Oh well, drinks may come and go. But you can’t miss a moment of inspiration. #noregrets


#4 Awkward displays of affection.

Stop staring! You’re drooling all over the place. That’s basically you at every concert of your favorite band. It’s kind of ridiculous, but all music lovers go through this.


#5 Random screaming.

That awesome song playing on the radio or your idol doing his signature solo at a concert… When this happens, you may start shouting and whoo-ing instantly. Does it look kind of strange? Totally. Does it feel amazing? Absolutely.


All sounds familiar? Then you’ve got musical fever! Unfortunately, it’s not a condition you can use as an excuse for homework of meetings. Bummer, right?



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