6 perfect songs to kick off spring!

6 perfect songs to kick off spring!

Spring is finally lurking around the corner – and thank God for that! Because this means it’s about time for updating that spring playlist again: and we all know that nothing livens up a mood better than some cheerful summer songs, amiright? We picked out seven favorites for you! 

#1 Shape of you – Ed Sheeran

Probably the youngest member of this list, but trust us… We’re predicting this one will stay put for a while! With its catchy tune, sexy lyrics and overall awesomeness… This very danceable song just has to be on that spring playlist!


#2 Walking on Sunshine – Katrina and the Waves

And don’t it feel good? Hell yeah, it does! This golden oldie dates from 1986, but still is lodged in everyone’s memory – we can’t imagine a soul who’s not familiar with this chipper and classic sing-along phenomenon!


#3 Daddy Lessons – Beyoncé & Dixie Chicks

This cheerful song is a fantastic collaboration between Queen B and country goddesses Dixie Chicks. And thank the lord, how much joy the result brings to our lives!


#4 Da Doo Ron Ron – The Crystals

We mustn’t forget the classics, of course, and that’s why we let The Crystals join our spring playlist. This chirpy single stems from the beautiful year of 1963 and still spreads happiness everywhere it goes!


#5 Some Kind of Wonderful – Betty Who

Australian up-and-comer Betty Who brought us this bubbly song that you can’t help but sing along! This kind of young and poppy feel-good music is basically everything you want this summer.


#6 All Star – Smash Mouth

Because. You know. All Star!


There you go: now you have the ultimate start for that 2017 spring playlist. Missing your favorite song amongst these seven? Let us know!


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