About 5 of the most difficult instruments to play

About 5 of the most difficult instruments to play

Firstly, let’s clear up something: this isn’t an exact science. Learning how to play an instrument, and the difficulty one might or might not encounter, is very subjective and personal. Because you might find guitar the easiest instrument there is, while somebody else will swear that learning to play the piano is a piece of cake. When we wrote this list, we purely looked at it pragmatically: we selected instruments that request difficult techniques – and because of this are generally seen as ‘difficult’ to play. Let’s go!


#5 Accordion

Don’t you love the quirky sound of that charming accordion? Well, we absolutely do – there’s nothing that resembles the unique sound that’s provided by this fella. Too bad it isn’t as easy to play as it is easy on the ears, though! The biggest challenges whilst playing the accordion? Learning to coordinate both of your hands independently and working those enormous bellows for the correct amount of air. Totally worth the trouble, though!


#4 Harp

When you’re aiming to master the angelic sound of the harp, you have to prepare yourself for quite the practicing routine. This elegant instrument doesn’t only require an extremely controlled coordination between hands and feet on strings and pedals, but also an expertise considering hand positioning and finger technique. Quite the commitment, but it’ll be totally worth it when you can mention your fancy harp skills at parties!


#3 Bagpipe

When aspiring to learn the bagpipes, you have to know it’s all about the strength. Because the bagpipes aren’t in particularly difficult when talking about technique, but it is requiring physique: it takes a large amount of wind to get any sound out of the bagpipe, so you’ll mostly need to learn how to breathe correctly.


#2 French horn

The French horn is quite the challenge to play, firstly because of its size. This golden beauty forms a big circle, which doesn’t score high grades considering user-friendliness: after all, your hands have to encircle the tube whilst being able to touch the keys who’re located in the middle of the instrument. Further on, the smallest misplacement of the lips will make you miss a note. A tough nut to crack, but perfect for anyone who’s up for a challenge! (or anyone with big hands, to start with)


#1 Organ

When we’re talking about difficult-to-master instruments, the organ’s definitely front runner on many existing lists. Not only does the organist needs to be very skilled at reading a lot of notes at once, but he or she also has to be able to coordinate hands and feet separately. Next to this, this instrument is divided up in different divisions, which have their own keyboards, and some of them are played by hand, other ones by feet. So yeah… The organ is definitely a complex instrument to master. But hey, what else to do with all that free time, amiright?


There you go! Now you know which instruments definitely require a skilled musician. Which instrument do you think is the hardest to master? Let us know!



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