About the health benefits of playing an instrument

About the health benefits of playing an instrument

Being skilled at one instrument or another doesn’t only make you look cool, but it also brings some health benefits to the table.

“So, it looks bloody awesome, I learn a new kickass skill ànd I’m going to feel healthier?!”

Yes. Yes, that’s correct. Walk with us.


#1 Forget that awful coordination of yours.

 Are you the clumsy one in your group of friends? Well, no more, comrade. No. More. Because whilst you’re learning to play an instrument, you’ll simultaneously be improving that hand-eye coordination ‘till it’s razor sharp. Hooray for less stumbling and knocking things over!


#2 You’ll learn how to breathe healthier.

 Because when you’re playing the tuba, flute, saxophone or another wind instrument… The first thing you got to learn, is how to breath properly: after all, you need to provide the correct air vibrations in order to create that magical tune. And when you’re doing this whilst playing, it won’t take long before you’re doing it automatically in day to day life, too. Hooray for air!



#3 It’s your personal chill-out moment.

 Which is very important if you’re planning to be happy for the rest of your life. After all, recent studies have discovered that playing an instrument decreases stress, anxiety and depression. And all these happy feelings lead to a lower blood pressure and less risk of heart and other vascular problems. Hooray for chilling!




There you go: playing an instrument is thé way to go when you want to look cool and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Healthy, healthier, music!

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Source: www.algambenelux.be