BOSS Announces VE – 22 Vocal Performer

BOSS Announces VE – 22 Vocal Performer

BOSS announces the VE-22 Vocal Performer, the latest model in the company’s long-running series of Vocal Performer products. With the portable VE-22, performing singers can take charge of their live sound with an XLR microphone preamp and a diverse range of premium sonic tools, from basic vocal enhancement to dramatically processed effects. A real-time harmony function is also included, along with versatile features for practice, recording, and online streaming.

The VE-22 is packed with the latest advancements in BOSS’s acclaimed Vocal Performer technology. Studio essentials like compressor, EQ, and de-esser provide core sound support, and there’s a wide selection of delays and reverbs for adding space and ambience. Users can explore a universe of electronic colors and aggressive textures with auto pitch, distortion, lo-fi, modulation, and other cool voice-transforming effects. Preset memories offer 50 ready-to-go sounds, while 99 user memories are available for storing custom setups for different songs and styles.

The VE-22’s powerful harmony and doubling functions enable users to create head-turning ensemble effects from a single voice. It’s easy to set the song key, change up the harmony voicing, adjust levels, and more with the panel knobs. It’s also possible to assign the harmonies to an onboard switch and bring them in and out while performing.

The uncomplicated VE-22 interface encourages users to get creative with vocal sounds. Harmony, Effect, and Echo sections feature multi-function knobs for fast navigation, while the color display and knob LEDs offer a clear view of the current status. Three customizable switches support both foot and hand operation. There’s also a jack for connecting an expression pedal or external footswitches for additional live control.


The VE-22 provides an XLR input and integrated preamp for a professional stage microphone, plus phantom power for high-end condenser types. A high/low gain switch, rear-panel sensitivity knob, and level meter enable the user to optimize the input signal for nearly any mic. USB-C, an analog aux input, and a headphone jack support a variety of vocal activities, including daily practice, computer recording, music playback from a smartphone, and livestreaming on social media.

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