Buffet Crampon acquires Rigoutat Paris

Buffet Crampon acquires Rigoutat Paris

Buffet-Crampon has announced the acquisition of French woodwind company, Rigoutat, Paris.  In a joint announcement, Jérôme Perrod, CEO of Buffet Crampon, and Philippe Rigoutat confirmed that Rigoutat Paris is now a part of the Buffet Crampon family. Buffet Crampon says it continues to pursue its strategy of acquiring historical woodwind instrument brands.

‘It is thrilling to be able to develop the two brands, each with its own personality and acoustic territory, all the while combining their strengths and know-hows to provide musicians with solutions built on a larger and stronger base’, says Jérôme Perrod, CEO of the Buffet Crampon group.

Philipp Rigoutat, CEO and owner of Rigoutat Paris, adds that he is: “pleased to find in Buffet Crampon the ideal partner to carry on Rigoutat’s history while securing its future.’ He will be directly responsible for this by leading the new Buffet Crampon – Rigoutat Paris Oboe Department. He will especially be in charge of R&D and quality, as well as vital relationships with musicians for both companies.

Buffet Crampon says this acquisition reinforces Buffet Crampon’s wish to increase its presence in the Oboe and English Horn segment, and to gain more recognition in the international market.

Info: www.buffet-crampon.com

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