Comica Audio Launches Vimo Series of 2.4G Dual Channel Mini Wireless Microphones with Pro Audio Hi-Fi Sound

Comica Audio Launches Vimo Series of 2.4G Dual Channel Mini Wireless Microphones with Pro Audio Hi-Fi Sound

Comica Audio, a leading professional broadcast level audio company, has launched the Vimo series of 2.4G dual channel mini wireless microphones. The Vimo Series provides ultra CD-quality professional sound by adopting condenser capsules with a 48khz/24bit sampling rate to deliver a lossless Hi-Fi soundwith high compatibility, connecting to all cameras, smartphones, and computers. Vimo microphones provide one-click denoise through an internal DSP denoise chip that automatically reduces unwanted noise for pure, clear sound by simply pressing the denoise button. Vimo also features a multifunctional pass-through phone charging with a packing/charging case for up to 20 hours of usage, one-click mute button, real-time monitoring, a rotatable IPS display for audio status monitoring built to ensure the best recording experience and help users avoid audio recording peaks; and more audio modes than ever—mono, stereo, and a new safety mode for one-click muting.

“Vimo mics perfectly meet all the needs of consumers. Extremely affordable, the Vimo Series boasts a light-weight compact design, advanced audio features, and advanced sound performance; and are perfectly suited for vlogging, video shooting, live streaming, interviews, online meetings, podcasts, and more”.

Vimo Series features two models:
Vimo S features for smartphones, computers and devices:

  • Two versions for universal use: works with USB-C and Lightning devices, cameras, smartphones, and computers.
  • Mini size and lightweight.
  • Unique integrated magnetic microphone.
  • 48kHz/24bit recording with broadcast-level sound quality.
  • Stepless volume adjustment, one-key muting, and denoise.
  • USB-C charging/monitoring port, supports pass-through phone charging.
  • Supports monitoring with zero-latency and mono/stereo switching.
  • Rechargeable storage case for charging, storing, and monitoring power.
  • Battery life up to 15 hours, supports use while charging.
  • Low latency < 20ms, working range up to 200m (open area).

Vimo C Features for cameras, smartphones, computers, and devices:

  • Universal for cameras, smartphones, and computers.
  • Broadcast-level sound quality, Digital Signal Processing, supports one-key noise reduction.
  • Supports real-time audio monitoring, mono/stereo/safety mode switch.
  • 4-level adjustable gain control and one-click muting.
  • Rotatable IPS display for visual operation: monitors audio dynamically with battery life, volume, and audio modes. More user-friendly, the mics are rotatable to adapt to different monitoring directions.
  • Rechargeable storage case for charging, storing, and power monitoring.
  • Battery life up to 20 Hours, supports use while charging.
  • Multifunctional USB-C port for charging and monitoring.
  • Low latency < 20ms, working range up to 200m (open area).

Vimo lets you be ready for anything. With its four-level volume controls, you can adjust the volume as desired. The transmitter’s muting button helps avoid recording unwanted sound, so nothing interrupts your recording. The charging case is loaded with packing and charging features that make recording on-the-go especially convenient, with a mic that turns on and is paired automatically as soon as you open the case; and an extended battery life that lets you record up to 8 hours using only the RX and TX and up to 20 hours using the case.

Vimo Features:

  • 48kHz/24bit&DSP Technology: built-in for advanced audio performance.
  • Dual-Use Port: receiver’s USB-C port supports charging and monitoring, allowing for a long recording time without worrying about battery life.
  • Immersive Sound: sound delay is less than 20ms and working distance is up to 200 meters, allowing for steady shooting of outdoor videos without dropouts.
  • Charging Case: mic turns on and is automatically pairs as soon as case is opened.
  • Uses: for vlogging, live streaming, online video conferencing, online classes, outdoor video shoots, and interviews.

Vimo Specs:


The Vimo Series is available immediately, priced at $99 for the Vimo S-UC, $119 for the Vimo S-MI, and $139 for the Vimo C, available through Amazon at Vimo S:
and Vimo C: For more information, see

About Comica Audio

Founded in 2012, CoMica Technology Co., LTD (Comica Audio) is a leading professional broadcast level audio company at consumer prices. Comica Audio produces their own product R&D, manufacturing, and sales in-house with products including professional wired and wireless microphones, accessories, audio interfaces, and mixers. Comica Audio is one of the best-known audio brands, with products sold worldwide including the U.S., Canada, Europe, South America, the Middle East; with all products awarded CE, ROHS certifications.  For more information, see the website:

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