Drummer’s Flock To UK Drum Show 2023

Drummer’s Flock To UK Drum Show 2023

The UK Drum Show returned to The ACC Liverpool on 30th September and 1st October 2023, attracting their largest crowd to date.

The UK Drum Show, a two day consumer show, now located at The ACC Liverpool for its second year, previously having taken place in Manchester for three years, was a hustle and gathering of drummers, the largest some state, is now the biggest in the world.

Upper Level

Organised by long-term event organiser Neil Golding, who has been running drum shows for over a decade, has stated “it was our best turn out yet.”

Lower Foyer

A consumer show, this event comprises of exhibits from all over the world showcasing, launching or introducing their brand and products to the ever enthusiastic drumming crowd that flock to this community vibe event, ready to check out the latest gear, but the strength and appeal goes beyond products and exhibits with a variety of experiences for guests to enjoy.

Main Stage Audience

Golding has harnessed the appeal of what so many missed during the lockdown years, as music lovers and musicians return to thriving live events. “The appeal of the show is the sum of its parts,” Golding explains, “it should’t come as any real surprise but musicians and drummers in this instance, want to come together as a community, to share, hang out, learn and be inspired.” “Nothing has been more inspiring this year than the youth attending this event, there are more youngsters committed to learning an instrument and being part of the show, families in tow than I have ever experienced in my years of running events.” “For the cost of a couple of Costa’s and two bacon rolls, visitors could check out any one of the 48 artists appearing across main stage, clinics, education, how to session, learning workshops, and so on.”

Mike Dolbear Clinic Room

Golding continues, “I have run or been involved with shows for over a decade, but something changed for us this year. Brands that have done numerous shows for many, many years, have called me and said that it has been their best show they can ever recall. It sounds like some sales pitch nonsense, but I would encourage any cynics to get in contact with this years exhibitors. Don’t take our word for it, just come and be a part of it for 2024.”

Tama, Zildjian, Aquarian booth – UK Drum Show 2023

“Brands, artists and guests left the show feeling excited and inspired, about the prospect of being and continuing to be a musician on a journey, after the absolute carnage that was COVID.”

“Many or most of the people that represent the brands, or products within this industry are musicians, it is hats off to all of them, that have made this show what it is. Their commitment to this sector of the industry, is why they have a show that they can all be rightly proud of.” “There is no point complaining about the past, the good old days of the 80’s, that was 40+ years ago.” “We have live-streaming, 9 year olds with 250K followers on Instagram, the world has moved on, and so has our audience.”

Greyson Nekrutman makes impromptu appearance in the foyer

“The level of commitment from artists and brands, producing content pre-show and post show, to stimulate their community for a weekend causes ripples and content beyond the weekend of the show. “I have said it so many times, the show is more than just two days. It is a 365 day community, that like minded brands, businesses, and our drumming community can interact and share.” “Everyone played their part this year, and it’s this collaborative effort, why this year in particular and going forward we look forward to the years ahead of us.”

New features and sponsorships are to be announced shortly, along with artists and hosts joining the line-up for 2024. A new website is currently under construction for 2024, with tickets going on sale the 5th of November 2023.

Businesses that are interested in appearing at The UK Drum Show 2024 (dates 28th & 29th September) please contact organiser@theukdrumshow.com

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