DW Unveils New Sports Car-Inspired Steel Gray Lacquer Finish

DW Unveils New Sports Car-Inspired Steel Gray Lacquer Finish

Drum Workshop Inc. (DW)  have announced the addition of Steel Gray to its award-winning Design Series line-up. The boutique-inspired drums are versatile and value-priced, offering drummers pro-features and road-worthy build quality in DW’s most popular F.A.S.T. (Fundamentally Accurate Sized Toms) sizes. Made from hand-picked North American Hard Rock Maple,  the kits are well-suited for a wide variety of drumming styles and musical genres.

Design Series are offered in standard 5-piece configurations with three available add-ons including a 7” x 8” rack tom, 12” x 14” and 16” x 18’ floor toms. Incorporating HVLT (Vertical Low Timbre shell with a horizontal outer ply), Design Series shells are full, resonant, and responsive. Pro features include True-Pitch tuning, STM (Suspension Tom Mounts), MAG throw-off, Remo heads and more.

Steel Gray adds an additional highly durable, UV-cured lacquer color option to the pallet.  Existing finish choices include Cherry Stain, Gloss White, Black Satin and Tobacco Burst. The new color was inspired by the automotive industry’s latest sports car designs and was approved by both DW artists and fans.

Global Vice President of Marketing, Scott Donnell, comments, “Design Series is our entry point into the world of DW Drums, and it’s a world just begging to be discovered.  HVLT Shell Technology gives these drums a serious sonic edge, and with new finishes and specialty drums being added all of the time, you never know what surprises will come next!”

To find out more please go to http://www.dwdrums.com/

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