Erica Synths Introduces Megarack

Erica Synths Introduces Megarack

Erica Synths announces its largest case yet, the Erica Synths Megarack. The Erica Synths Megarack case is for those who take Eurorack seriously. It is a classically-shaped 8×126 HP all aluminum case with side panels, featuring Erica Synths custom rails with threaded inserts providing 12A@+12V and 6A@-12V.

The new cases, which do not include Eurorack modules, are available now and priced at €1750 EUR (VAT excl.).


New monolith case from Erica Synths provides ample housing for Eurorack modules, in a single elegant solution

The space you need….and more
​The beauty of Eurorack is that you are not limited to a specific synthesizer form factor. This can vary anywhere from super-compact, specialized performance systems to huge studio installations. While there are options available for the former, the latter was missing from the Erica Synths Eurorack case lineup, and the company now offers a large Eurorack case that provides exceptional value for money.

This monolith case provides ample housing for your modules, all while retaining a sleek elegance not commonly found in cases of this size. In addition, it features two 4-pole XLR connectors for gooseneck lamps (not included), making sufficient lighting an added convenience. Lamps are available here.

Technical specifications

8 rows of 126HP
12A@+12V, 6A@-12V
Dimensions: 1000mm x 670mm x 360mm
Net mass: 14.75kg
Depth: for most modules – 80mm, above power distribution boards – 60mm, max depth in inclined rows – 120mm
Mass with packaging: 18.7 kg
Shipping dimensions: 1060mm x 740mm x 460mm

Cases are available now. To order or to learn more, please visit the Erica Synths shop.

Important note: The case comes without modules installed. A complete system is shown for illustration purposes only.

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