Filling/ADG alliance adds new Foxgear brand

Filling/ADG alliance adds new Foxgear brand

Filling Distribution and Audio Distribution Group have added another new pedal range to their line-up, the new Italian brand Foxgear, which they will be distributing across Europe, with the exception of Italy.

ADG says Foxgear founders Chicco Bellini and Ugo Baroni have decades of experience and expertise in designing pedals and amplifiers. ‘Following on from their original brands own successes (Gurus, Baroni Lab), they decided to start Foxgear in an effort to deliver on end users requests for the same quality of product but in a more compact and affordable format’.

Boasting a standard five year warranty on all pedals, the brand is already supported by prominent artists such as Steve Lukather, Doug Aldrich and Guy Pratt, for whom they designed a signature tremolo model called the Knee Trembler.

Chicco Bellini, CEO of Foxgear LLC, commented: ‘At the Music China exhibition, we started discussions about some new important partnerships for our biggest markets, and signed agreements with several new distributors in Europe, China, South America and Australia. We are really happy and proud about our new partnership with Filling Distribution who will take care of Europe, excluding Italy, for our brands. We found them to be a great team of passionate and specialised people, able to share the story and the project behind our brands and products.’

Julien Carlier, founder of Filling Distribution, added: ‘Having known Gurus for quite some time and having had the opportunity to hear and play their wonderful Echosex Delay, we at Filling Distribution were very impressed when we discovered the Foxgear brand for the first time in September. With their very cool looking, great sounding and well featured effects, we were easily convinced that we wanted to enter into a collaboration with them on this new brand.’

Key Features

• Smart Size
Foxgear Professional Compact series pedals measure only 6cm x 12cm x 3cm, and thanks to their top mounted jacks, can easily fit in any pedalboard, taking the same amount if space as four comparable micro pedals from other makers.

Foxgear pedals are constructed with non-SMD components in the audio path, with analogue design, and high-quality components such as Wima capacitors, real Alpha 16mm pots, non-plastic trimmers, and a true bypass circuit that includes Panasonic golden pin relays. Foxgear pedals are covered with a full 5 Years warranty.

• Sound
‘We pay a lot of attention to sound; tone is everything. Generally, it is a rarity to see a micro pedal in a pro’s pedal board. That is changing as the world wakes to discover the tone quality of the new Foxgear Professional Compact series pedals’.

• Design
The Foxgear Compact series is constructed with a completely screw-free housing. The look is enhanced by the utilisation of an acrylic faceplate: ‘that lights up with a pleasant warm glow once connected to power a pure piece of art in an attractive, yet sturdy housing’.

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