Haaave you met… these four inspiring bastards?

Haaave you met… these four inspiring bastards?

You did not actually meet them (yet), you say? Not a problem, my friend, because we’re more than happy to introduce them to you. No need to talk around it – we’re diving right in!


#1 Focusrite Red 4Pre Audio Interface

The Focusrite Red 4Pre Audio interface is the perfect symbiosis of form and function. Want to know more about all the stunning features and possibilities this flaming red hunk of awesomeness brings to the table? Discover all about it!


#2 Nord 3P

The Nord Drum is a compact percussion synthesizer that comes packing with a lot of new features. These features aren’t only awesome for improving your sound, but also for making music whilst on the road! Curious how that works? We’ll tell you all about it!


#3 Nord Lead 1A

The Nord Lead 1A is a user-friendly synthesizer that’s able to tackle all kinds of music genres. Are you curious about the ins and outs of this newest addition to the upscale synthesizer family? Find out more!


#4 Novation Circuit

Are you looking for a synthesizer that’s stealing musician’s hearts all over the world? Than you should definitely end up with the amazing, incredible and awesome Novation Circuit. Why that is, you ask? Try any of these reasons!




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