Happy 10th birthday, Blackstar!

Happy 10th birthday, Blackstar!

By now, you probably already know that Blackstar is the most dynamic amp-builder you’ll find out there. But do you also know how they came to earn this title – and how exactly it all started out? Well, there is no need to wonder anymore, my friend… Because for Blackstar’s 10th birthday, they developed a fancy magazine to bring you up to speed considering the day it all started (spoiler alert: they started out in a pub!) – and the exciting journey they took on ever since, right up to this very day.


Join us in a celebration of a decade of pioneering tone!

When you’ll flip through the magazine, you’ll learn all kinds of things about your favorite amp-builder. You’ll be told the story about how Blackstar came to life, you’ll meet the geniuses behind the brand, you’ll be taking a literary walk through their innovation workshops, you’ll get to know the passionate musicians and artists that make up the Blackstar team… And so much more!


So, do you want to know everything there is to know about Birthdayboy Blackstar? 

Then make sure to download the magazine – and find out everything about 10 beautiful Blackstar years. Enjoy!

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Source: www.algambenelux.be