IK Releases TONEX 1.5

IK Releases TONEX 1.5

IK Multimedia releases TONEX 1.5, a major update to IK’s software based on powerful AI Machine Modeling technology that lets users model their own rig and play, practice and record with over 23,000 ultra-realistic Tone Models of amps and pedals already available on ToneNET.

This free update for all versions of TONEX is loaded with time-saving new features, many based on user feedback, to help browse and find the right tones faster and stay in the creative zone longer. It also includes 15 new Premium Tone Models for paid versions of TONEX (SE, Full and MAX).

TONEX 1.5 New Features

  • Improved Tone Model filtering and searching with a dedicated sidebar
  • User folders can now be created to organize Tone Models and presets
  • New Card view displays more Tone Models in a single window
  • Rescale and smart resize let users zoom-in or show more content
  • Amp and Cab section now streamlined to mix and match Tone Models
  • Deeper ToneNET integration for a seamless and expanded experience
  • New Collections section to demo and purchase Premium Tone Models
  • Librarian adds new filters for easy search and transfer to TONEX pedal
  • 15 new Premium Tone Models covering clean to high-gain amps

Intuitive Sidebar Navigation
TONEX 1.5 adds a comprehensive sidebar section with intuitive filters and folders, for quickly searching and organizing Tone Models and presets. Between “Tone Model” and “Preset” modes, the new sidebar streamlines the workflow by keeping all essential search functions accessible in one easy-to-navigate area.

Customizable User Folders
Organizing Tone Models and presets is easier in TONEX 1.5 with the addition of custom user folders. Users can organize and create as many folders as they like, and manage Tone Models or presets by simply dragging and dropping them into place. Custom folders for amp type, pedals, songs or sets are just some of the ways users can now quickly organize Tone Models to suit their needs and workflow.

Enhanced View Options
A new Card view offers a second way to display Tone Models and presets. Whether users want to see more Tone Models at once with the Card view or prefer to see more details via the List view, both options offer direct access to essential actions via new mouseover macros. TONEX 1.5 also lets users expand the relative size of the List or Card views within the application, and rescale the entire graphic interface to optimize the window’s use of space.

Refined Amp and Cab Section
The Amp and Cab section now offers drag-and-drop functionality for quickly trying out different Tone Models, which can be moved directly into the Amp or Cab cells to replace what’s there and try out new sounds. Optional “locks” keep either the amp or cab fixed so users may explore other tone possibilities, comparing how an amp sounds with different cabs or vice versa. TONEX 1.5 also adds bulk import for IRs and a new window to quickly integrate and manage all user and 3rd-party impulse responses within TONEX.

Deeper ToneNET Integration
TONEX 1.5 adds a dedicated section for Tone Partner and Signature Collections. These Premium collections can be easily accessed in the redesigned “Collection” section of TONEX with the ability to use the newly introduced filtering options of the sidebar. Users can sort collections by version, signature, or by a specific Tone Partner, with Quick filters to further refine the search. Play audio samples, try demos and make purchases, all within the “Collection” view.

New Filters for TONEX Pedal
Prepping for gigs is quicker now too thanks to the updated “Library” section that takes full advantage of the new filtering options to sort and organize Tone Models for transfer to TONEX Pedal. Users can apply any of the new filters or select from their user folders to move Tone Models directly to the pedal for their next show.

Bonus Premium Tone Models
To reward all, TONEX 1.5 also includes 15 new Premium Tone Models for paid versions of TONEX (SE, Full and MAX) featuring a wide selection of clean and high-gain tones, perfect for studio and stage. These Tone Models are based on sought-after amps from IK’s vault such as a Bogner Shiva, Hiwatt DR103, Orange OR120, ENGL Powerball and more.

Pricing and Availability
TONEX 1.5 is a free update available via the IK Product Manager for all new and existing users of TONEX including the free version, TONEX CS. Owners of any paid version of TONEX (SE, Full, MAX) will also receive 15 new Premium Tone Models in a variety of styles by clicking “Restore Purchases” within the updated app.

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