John Packer Musical Instruments Acquires Michael Rath Trombones As UK-based Business Continues To Expand

John Packer Musical Instruments Acquires Michael Rath Trombones As UK-based Business Continues To Expand

John Packer Musical Instruments, the UK-based musical instrument retailer and manufacturer, has announced the acquisition of renowned UK manufacturer, Michael Rath Trombones.

The agreement will see JP Musical Instruments look after marketing, distribution and logistics for the Yorkshire business, while retaining Rath’s focus as a maker of outstanding, bespoke trombones, the choice of leading symphonic, commercial and studio trombonists all over the world.

Michael Rath will remain with the business, based at its Yorkshire site, where he will continue to share his decades of experience in manufacturing brass instruments of the highest quality at Rath’s facility in Huddersfield.

The acquisition of Michael Rath Trombones comes as John Packer Musical Instruments celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2024 and marks a new chapter in the continued relationship between the two brands.

Rob Hanson, director of John Packer Musical Instruments, commented: “It’s a pleasure to welcome Michael Rath Trombones to the stable at John Packer Musical Instruments. The two companies’ collaboration began in 2009 with the introduction of the JP Rath project and it was always a natural progression that the relationship would evolve.

Rob Hanson director of John Packer Musical Instruments

“With an outstanding reputation for craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail, Michael Rath Trombones are the only choice for many of the world’s leading trombone players, equally comfortable in a symphony orchestra, band, commercial or solo setting.

“We’re delighted Michael Rath and his full team are to remain with the business, and that he will continue to build and manufacture trombones of the highest standard at Rath’s factory in Huddersfield, ensuring customers all over the world will benefit from the unrivalled sense of craftsmanship and skill that goes into building every Rath trombone.

“We look forward to the time he can now devote to new models and innovations, as well as his unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards.”

Michael Rath, of Michael Rath Trombones, commented: “Dedication, determination to producing the highest quality instruments and providing the best service possible, have been our aims for over 30 years at Michael Rath Trombones and will remain the company’s narrative.

Michael Rath of Rath Trombones

“John Packer Musical Instruments’ acquisition creates a new, exciting chapter for Rath Trombones, enabling both expansion into new markets, and significant growth in existing marketplaces. I’m very proud of everything we have achieved so far and look forward to working with Rob Hanson on new projects to help further expand the business.”

Rob Hanson added: “John Packer Musical Instruments are exported to 45 countries all over the world including the USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. By bringing the supply of Michael Rath Trombones into our global network of dealers, more musicians will have access to the world’s finest trombones.

“In recent months, we have exhibited our instruments at Music China and Midwest Band Clinic, and we’re returning to NAMM in California as JP Musical Instruments continues to forge a path in the brass and woodwind instrument market across the globe.”

JP Musical Instruments has established itself as a preeminent supplier of student and intermediate brass and woodwind instruments to the education service, bands and professional players from Taunton to Tonga, the Midwest to Melbourne, and Ireland to Iceland, with the support of its global dealer network.

In 2018, the company was given the Queen’s award for Enterprise in the International Trade category.

More information on the products and services on offer from JP Musical Instruments is at: Information on Michael Rath Trombones is at:

About JP Musical Instruments

With a loyal team passionate about music, John Packer Musical Instruments has evolved from a small specialist retail store in the heart of the southwest of England to a global brand recognised in more than 45 countries with in excess of 250,000 instruments in circulation around the world. The day-to-day running of JP Musical Instruments is undertaken by company directors Rob Hanson and Annie Gardner.  Our wide range of brass and woodwind instruments are exhibited at world famous trade shows, such as NAMM, Music China, Midwest Band Clinic, Texas Music Educators as well as many of the other State Music Education shows.

In recent years JP Musical Instruments has formed special collaborations with four prestigious makers; Dr Richard Smith of Smith-Watkins, Michael Rath of Rath Trombones, Paul Riggett of Sterling Musical Instruments and Andy Taylor of Taylor Trumpets to develop a special range of JP instruments.

In 2018, JP Musical Instruments was given the Queen’s award for Enterprise in the International Trade category.

We are the single largest stockists of brass and woodwind instruments in the UK carrying several thousand brass and woodwind instruments in our 10,000 sq ft facility. Our showroom is a purpose-built space between Taunton and Wellington carrying products from brands such as Yamaha, Buffet, Besson, Rath and Yanagisawa. We are also proud to have a dedicated workshop facility onsite, capable of carrying out specialist repairs to brass and woodwind instruments.

About Michael Rath Trombones

Michael Rath trombones are found in almost every conceivable musical situation: in symphony orchestras and opera houses, in film and television studios, in pop and commercial music groups as well as brass bands, wind bands, big bands, jazz and funk groups, and so many more genres and ensembles.
Widely acknowledged as being amongst the best instruments available, many of the world’s leading performers choose to play a Michael Rath trombone. Artists such as Mark Nightingale, David Gibson, Bert Boeren, Marc Godfroid, Dennis Rollins, Csaba Wagner, Brett Baker, the Black Dyke Band and many others play a Rath trombone simply because they believe it’s the best instrument for them.
Michael Rath trombones have earned their reputation for excellence because of the concept of flexibility, unique design and the quality of their construction. All of this simply equals excellence in performance.

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