KMA Machines Introduces WURHM Limited Edition HM Distortion

KMA Machines Introduces WURHM Limited Edition HM Distortion

Audio Distribution Group are pleased to announce that KMA Machines are launching another very special limited edition product.

In honour of the pedal’s roots and to celebrate the milestone of 1000 WURM units being produced, the very special mega metal monster WURHM – Limited Edition HM Distortion is adorned in an iconic limited edition black and orange finish. Plus, each pedal purchaser can claim their very own free* WURHM artwork T-Shirt too.

The WURHM is shipping Worldwide from Audio Distribution Group now. Only 200 pieces will be available, once they are gone they are gone! Product will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

KMA Manchines – “Calling a pedal legendary or a cult classic is often stretching the truth, but when it comes to the Boss HM-2 MIJ it’s just spot on. From its absolutely brutal and grinding distortion tones it birthed an entire metal genre, while its thick walls of gain and sustain also saw it solidify its place within shoegaze and prog rock. We’ve never tried to hide the fact that our WURM Distortion is our unabashed sonic love letter to this filthy box of doom and gloom, but taking it much further and pushing the envelope of how destructive it can be”.

“So, we only saw it fitting to adorn our mega metal monster in the iconic black and orange colors, not only to really profess our love and admiration but to also celebrate the milestone of 1000 WURM units that have now been made. Only 200 WURHM Distortionpedals will be created and available in this finish, plus in addition, every purchaser of a WUHRM can claim a limited-edition super cool free* WURHM T-Shirt. So, if you’re looking for a modern and versatile take on this seminal shred machine that actually looks as evil as it sounds, then now is your chance!”

Main Features:

  • Limited Orange Edition – 200 units worldwide
  • Free* T-Shirt offer
  • A modern take of the classic and now sought-after Japanese Boss HM2 MIJ
  • Wide range of metal-distortion tones – from chainsaw, to plain evil and gritty
  • Highly configurable 4-band active EQ
  • 3 distinct types of HIGH MIDS frequency controls to tailor your tone
  • True-Bypass switching
  • Handmade in Berlin, Germany
  • Powered by opt. 9V PSU (9V DC, center -, 2.1mm, ~10mA current draw)

With the WURHM, KMA Machines brings you the legendary distortion sound from the out of production Boss HM2 MIJ pedal. Its sound was a key element of the Swedish chainsaw metal genre, invented by Bands like Dismember and Entombed.

Taking the essential ingredients of this classic, while in the process developing a way more flexible metal-distortion pedal, KMA kept the standard active EQ section and added two more bands, giving a much wider range of tones to tailor your evil and gritty distortion sound. Each band has an internal trim-pot to change the center frequency and fine-tune your tone.

To switch between the original HM2 high control and the KMA Audio Machines designed EQ bands, KMA added internal DIP switches for even more tonal variations.

Activating Switch 1 alone selects the WURHM high-mids mode. To get the classic HM2 ‘chainsaw’ high-mids character however, put switch 1 in the off position and switch 2 to on, crank the LOWS and the HIGH MIDS and rip that Swedish forest to shreds.

Activating both Switch 1 and 2 together though gives you three bands, which are controllable via the HIGH MIDS control. TERROR dials in the malice and the evil distortion sound you are searching for! Crank it up and you will feel the rage of the ancient WURHM.

GBP ERP: £199


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