More NAMM debutantes from Korg

More NAMM debutantes from Korg

Two more new product ranges are set to emerge from Korg today, pre-announced in advance of the forthcoming Winter NAMM show.

First up is the KROME EX Music Workstation, billed as: ‘An evolved go-to synthesizer with a focus on “Future Basics”‘. Essentially a major refresh of the KROME range, Korg says: ‘Updated to meet the needs of the current music scene, KROME EX has a special emphasis on sounds that can immediately fit into productions of all types’.

In addition to standard sounds, the KROME EX provides numerous new programs and PCM data, including piano programs prepared specifically for this product. ‘This instrument provides high-quality and immediately-usable sounds that take full advantage of the KROME’s high performance specs. The new body also features a newly revamped build and look to accompany the new sounds,’ Korg says.

Specifically, the KROME EX is equipped with new grand piano sounds, recorded under the supervision of Seigen Ono, the authority on DSD recording and mastering, and ‘…provide(s) a beautifully clear sound that builds on the success of the “German D Grand” that exemplifies the original KROME, further expanding the range of piano sounds. An upright piano frequently used in pop is also newly included’.

Also on offer are three types of electric pianos. Eight velocity levels have been used to ensure faithful expression response. ‘Lavish amounts’ of PCM memory have been used for this purpose, to the extent that just one of these electric piano types contains more sample data than the entire sound memory of a typical PCM synthesiser’.

In addition, the vintage amps, cabinets, and classic effects have been modelled: ‘offering a fully immersive electric piano experience’.

KROME EX 61 and 73 models feature a semi-weighted keyboard while  the KROME EX 88 is equipped with KORG’s NH (Natural Weighted Hammer Action) keyboard.

All available from February 2019, SSP prices are: KROME-61EXA6 £869.00. KROME-73EX £1,080.00. KROME-88EX £1,299.

Also released today is news of the latest KRONOS Special Edition music workstation which comes loaded with a new Italian Grand Piano.

Korg says: ‘This special KRONOS features a lush red gradation finish that makes it identifiable at a glance (and) features the new Italian-made grand piano that debuted on the KORG Grandstage. It also comes with the pre-installed “KApro Showcase” that collects only carefully selected sounds from KApro, who provided more than 100 of the KRONOS Sound Libraries. The gorgeous color and sound delivered only by KRONOS will make an unmistakable difference on stage. The KRONOS Special Edition is available in a line-up of three models: 61-key, 73-key, and 88-key.

‘A full concert grand previously used in international competitions was specially adjusted and sampled for the KRONOS.KApro Showcase This includes orchestral strings that sing with emotion, as well as brass, woodwinds, choir, and phrases. It’s a showcase of sounds from KApro, who has developed more than 100 titles of Korg sound libraries’.

Available in March prices will be: KRONOS2-61SE £2,920.00. KRONOS2-73SE £3,245.00. KRONOS2-88SE £3,560.00.


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