Novations welcomes Components Standalone to the family

Novations welcomes Components Standalone to the family

So, by now you’ve probably heard about our Components: a suite of free tools that’s your knight in shining armor when we’re talking about expanding, tweaking and creating your own customized instrument.

And now?

Now we’ve released Components Standalone!

This new update for all of our worldwide Components users took months of development, but now we couldn’t be prouder to present it to you. Why that is, you ask? Terrific question. Let us introduce you to all, of the reasons why our Components Standalone is worthy of your undivided attention.

First of all, we made some changes considering navigation. Meaning: we simplified it, so you can find your way to your favorite areas with the speed of light.

Following, the new update makes sure both Mac and PC users can use Components. Next to this, it’s also available offline and without Facebook or Google login!

Furthermore, we’ve made some changes considering the clearing of sounds: because now you can clear them into a trash folder, which automatically empties itself after 14 days.

And to wrap it up, we also made sure pad colors and texts are easier to make out – and we’ve changed the buttons above the grid to ‘Save to cloud’, ‘Save to desktop’ and ‘Send to circuit’.

Want to know more about this beautiful update that carries the name Components Standalone? Make sure to check out the tutorial, which will walk you through some of the new features.


You can make sure you won’t stand alone (get it?) anymore whilst working on your own customized instrument! COOL!



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