Odyssey Expands Debut Range with Six New Models at Lower Price Points

Odyssey Expands Debut Range with Six New Models at Lower Price Points

Odyssey has added 6 new models to its popular Debut Series of high quality brass instruments, the Eb Tenor Horn, Bb Baritone Horn, Bb Flugel Horn, Bb Tenor Trombone, Bb Euphonium and Bb Tuba at new lower price points.

Debut Series Bb Tuba & Debut Series Bb Euphonium

The theme behind the Odyssey Debut Series of brass instruments has always been a quality build and superb performance / to cost ratio, earning the company enormous respect with young students, tutors and professional musicians worldwide and, now with the addition of this sextet of superb instruments, the Odyssey Debut Series includes all models required for a full brass band line up.

With over 50 years’ experience, all models in the Odyssey range of high quality brass band and orchestral instruments, have been meticulously designed down to the finest details by master craftsman Peter Pollard and the UK design team.

Debut Series Eb Tenor Horn & Debut Series Bb Baritone Horn

“I’m delighted with these 6 new additions to the Debut Series,” says Peter Pollard. “As a company, we have a passion for introducing youngsters to the world of brass band music and have always listened in depth to feedback from tutors and students themselves. The new Debut Series euphonium and tuba for example, are physically smaller and both feature 3 valves instead of 4, which is so much easier for smaller hands to operate and perform with.

Debut Series Bb Tenor Trombone.

Whilst many models in our Premier and Symphonique Series are finished in rose brass and silver, for the Debut Series, we have been able to reduce build costs by offering models finished in high quality, heavy gauge brass for aesthetics and for strength and reliability.”

Debut Series Bb Flugel Horn

Whilst looking stunning with lacquered brass finishes, the new Debut Series coupled with high quality materials, retain the Odyssey flagship wide sound projection, superb intonation and excellent voicing, featuring appointments often found on brass instruments offered in the higher price bracket, appointments that include cupronickel slides, brass slides and stainless steelpistons.

Prices include Zero Gravity hard foam, plush lined, canvas covered case and accessories.

Odyssey Debut Series:

Odyssey Debut Eb Tenor Horn                   £499.00

Odyssey Debut Bb Baritone Horn               £899.00

Odyssey Debut Bb Euphonium                   £899.00

Odyssey Debut Bb Trombone                     £289.00

Odyssey Debut Flugel Horn.                      £449.00

Odyssey Debut Bb Tuba                           £1,999.00

The Odyssey range of brass and woodwind instruments is distributed worldwide by JHS.

For the full range of Odyssey instruments and specifications:  https://www.jhs.co.uk/brands/odyssey

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