PDP Celebrates 25th Anniversary with Three New Concept Series Snare Drums

PDP Celebrates 25th Anniversary with Three New Concept Series Snare Drums

Pacific Drums and Percussion (PDP) celebrates its 25th Anniversary with the addition of three new snares to its award-winning Concept Series. New to the series are the Natural Satin Brushed Aluminum, Brass, and Copper snare drums.

The PDP brand was founded in 1999 by Drum Workshop Inc. (DW) to provide boutique-inspired, player-friendly drums, pedals, and hardware with best-in-class build-quality to more drummers around the world. Since its inception, the accessible brand has expanded to include the award-winning Concept Series drums, hardware, and accessories.

Each of the new, highly responsive, 6.5×14” Concept Series snares have a rolled and double-beaded 1.2mm shell. They are fitted with chrome hardware which includes PDP’s stylish dual turrets lugs and DW’s high-end MAG throw-off™, True-Pitch™ tension rods, and Remo drumheads. The classy brushed exterior gives a vintage-style satin appearance that looks great under stage lights.

The light-weight Natural Satin Brushed Aluminum snare offers a unique sonic experience with its round attack, sparkling treble, and dry resonance. The louder Natural Satin Brushed Brass snare produces a heavier, fatter attack, with a bright, sharp crack and mellow overtones. The Natural Satin Brushed Copper snare offers a cleaner, darker sound, which has plenty of low-end emphasis and an organic warmth.

To find out more about the new Natural Satin Brushed Concept Series snare drums and all the other PDP drums and accessories, visit www.pacificdrums.com/ or look for #TeamPacficDrums on social channels.

Founded in 1972, Drum Workshop, Inc. is widely recognized as the global leader in designing and manufacturing award-winning musical instruments including drums, pedals, hardware, and accessories. Drum Workshop manufactures, markets and distributes an iconic portfolio of brands including DW® Drums and Hardware, PDP®, Latin Percussion®, and Slingerland. Drum Workshop’s wide range of products have earned their reputation as The Drummer’s Choice and are endorsed by many of the world’s top artists including Dave Grohl, Matt Gartska, Chad Smith, Mick Fleetwood, Tommy Lee, Nick Mason, Jim Keltner, and Sheila E., and many other legends. Drum Workshop, Inc. is headquartered in Oxnard, California. Drum Workshop joined the Roland family of brands in October 2022, combining two of the world’s best acoustic and electronic drum companies to push the boundaries of innovation for drummers. For more information, visit DWDrums.com.

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